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Friday, February 24, 2006


I have been very surprised that the mainstream media has done very little reporting on this subject. I guess Bill O'Reilly felt the same way Here is a link to video from the O'Rielly Factor from this past Tuesday. In which O'Reilly talks with Lt.Gen. Tom McInerney. Once again this video comes from the non-partisan site And here is a link from there own video they shot from a news conference they held. I hope to god someone picks up on this story,and forces the mainstream media to pick it up. The Angry American

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I just saw a quick report of the Saddam tapes on CNN. There are tapes circleing the internet posted by A non partisan website that are of Saddam admitting he had threatened both America and The United Kingdom. The report aired on ABC Nightline. Here is a link to the video Now how can the libs say we should not have ever went into Iraq? I take my hat off to ABC for airing this video. I think if CNN would have recieved this tape first they would have never aired it. Intelligence summit also has a blog site in which you can check out the video. It can be found at The first report was on ABC News In the tapes Saddam,and his cohorts talk about a nuclear attack in D.C.,and biological weapons in water tanks. and hiding weapons of mass destrution from U.N. weapons inspectors. So guess what the Bush administration was right.....(Again) The Angry American

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why I hate the media so much....

For people who don't know me well I probobly sound like a conspiracy therist when it comes to the media. And even some people who know me don't understand why I hate it so much. Well my distrust of the media started a long time ago, but the reason I grew to hate it so much can be summed up in two words....hurricane Katrina. Never have I seen such horible reporting in my life. My wife is from a town called Belle Chasse Louisiana. It's about a half hour to forty five minutes south of New Orleans. Her parents,her brother's family,and aunts,uncles, and grandparents all live in the area south of New Orleans,and her Uncle is a New Orleans police officer. So needless to say we were glued to the television news for weeks trying to get information for her parents who were stuck sleeping in their truck for a time,and also living out of hotels and resturants for a time. From what I saw 90% of the media coverage of New Orleans was wrong,and in most cases just out,and out made up or the truth was stretched very very far. For instance one of the biggest storys that was reported was that a supply helicopter was shot at. What happened was that when the helicopter was coming in a news crew member heard what sounded like a shot. So they reported that someone was firing,and the chopper crew turned around,and left without dropping supplys. But local authorities at the scene said there was no gun shots at the Superdome,and they have no idea where the report of gunshots came from. We heard many stories from the media of the horrible things that went on inside the Superdome. Rapes,murders,and robberies were all reported by the media about the superdome. But there was not one single crime reported to authorities that accured inside the Superdome. As a matter of fact the Superdome was one of the safest places to be. There was a makeshift jail set up in one part of,and it was set up as a makeshift police station. Also remeber the scenes of the filthy bathrooms? The media reported that people were being forced to urinate,and deficate in these bathrooms that were allready overflowing with human waste. When in fact there was only two bathroom inside the superdome that were not usable. A men,and a womens right next to each other on one side of the building. The media tried to paint Katrina as a scene from the Apocalypse. That everyone stuck in New Orleans was a murderer ,rapist or thug. Yes there were looters. Some stole because they needed some things to survive.Others because they could get away with it. Unfortunately that's what some people do when they might not get caught. Were there rapes,and murders? I'm sure there was. Again a small group of people who took advantage of a horible situation. But did we see the storys of people helping their neighbors? No...,but that happened as well. What we saw was the death and destruction. And the saddest part was that some of what we were told never even happened. Why would the media do something like that? To make people like myself,and others who have friends or family so mad that we demand the heads of those we feel were at fault. I can't put into words after finding out what was really going on down there how p*ssed off I was that the news outlets would do what they did for their own political reasons. The sleepless nights both my wife,and I spent. Because we thought what we were being told was the truth. We see the blind hypocrisy in the media everyday. The "News" coming from Iraq that paints our soldiers as murderous lunatics. The news media won't show a cartoon that depicts Mohummad, because they don't want to offend anyone. But they will show "new"video footage from Abu Ghraib that is three years old. Even after soldiers were court martialed for abusing prisoners. They have to continue the throwing this out there as current news. Why are'nt they afraid of offended Americans? So to the members of the media that report the truth...thank you! And for the other 99% of the media that belive this country would be better run as a communist republic,and will lie cheat and ruin peoples lives to do so..... I hope one day you have a loved one who is in the national spotlight who is abused by your pals in the "impartial" media. The Angry American

Friday, February 17, 2006

Time for the libs to move on...again.

The whole Dick Cheney shooting situation seems to finaly be over. So now the libs will have to move on to the next topic to try to destroy the white house with. Another situation in which something was just blown out of proportion. Obviously The Vice President shooting someone is big news,and should be reported. But the way the media tried to turn this into a criminal act was disgusting. Who does the media think they are? That they are so important that the Vice President needs to alert them the first thing after someone is shot. Get over yourselves. You're not that important. And Cheney did nothing to try to keep this out of the media or hide from it. So what is the big deal? Why is it that the libs will accuse Bush of lying every chance they can, but when the media lies about something it's no big deal. What media lies? Well lets just mention the big ones over the past few years. How about Bush's forged military records released just before the about all the false reports from New Orleans during huricane Katrina.... What false reports from Katrina? Well as someone who has in-laws from that area I can tell you about lots of false reports. Which I will detail more tomorrow. What about the false reports of the miners who died a few months ago? These people will barbeque Cheney for an accidental shooting.....even when he takes the blame for it. But they treat Ted Kennedy as their guru. Ted Kennedy!!! A guy who drove off a bridge,and KILLED someone. Then ran away ,and hid from his responsibility . Before the Kennedy family called the police they called their lawyers,and the people who clean up messes for the family. Then those people contacted the authorities. And Teddy never even considered that woman who was still strapped in the car. He went to his hotel room and went to bed. The car was found the next morning when a 15 year old boy was getting ready to go fishing.But yet Dick Cheney is a horrible person for getting medical attention for his friend first. So before the man's family was told about it Cheney was supposed to alert the media? So they could quick throw it on the air,and the man's family could hear about it from CNN? So once again the libs have NOTHING to complain about. So I suggest you take your own advice....Move on! The Angry American

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

When will we capture Bin Laden?

I continue to hear the questions in the media why did we focus on Iraq when we did'nt finish the job with Bin Laden? And why are'nt we doing more to capture Bin Laden? When will we quit messing around in Iraq,and capture Bin Laden? Well if one looks at history the answer is....we may never capture Bin Laden. Look at recent history first off. I'm sure we all remember Eric Robert Rudolph? He was known as the Atlanta Olympics bomber,and was also responsible for bombings at a Birmingham Alabama abortion clinic that killed an off duty police officer. After the Atlanta bombings he was in hiding right here in the United States . He was on the F.B.I.'s 10 most wanted list,and hid in the mountains of North Carolina for 5 years. Even after massive searchs in the mountains very few clues turned up. He was arrested by a rookie police officer who found him digging thru a grocery store dumpster looking for food late one evening. After his capture Rudolph claimed F.B.I. Agents passed withen inchs of him while he hid,and watched them search. Then we have the Unabomber, who commited 16 attacks between 1978 and 1995. If it was'nt for his brother noticng that his letters matched the unabomber manifesto ramblings we may have never caught him. Now both of these men were both right here in the United States. Where local residents wanted them caught. Bin Laden is a different case all together. Locals look up to him as a great leader who attacked,and hurt the west. They will never give him up. We were very lucky to have ever captured Saddam Hussein,but he never expected us to take Baghdad as quickly as we did. By the time he would have fled the country it was to late. The Baghdad airport was taken,and he was stuck. With no place to go but a spider hole. And most of that country wanted him caught. (remember the celebrations) Do you remember how long it took for the allies to capture Hitler? We never captured Hitler....he killed himself instead. The military is doing all that is possible to capture Bin Laden, but history shows that as long as he stays in hiding the less of a chance we will ever catch him. My guess is one day we will find out that he was killed in a bombing,and burried in a unmarked grave years earlier. So instead of the media and liberals asking, when will we catch Bin Laden? Why don't they start asking, what can we do to support the war on terror? The Angry American

Monday, February 13, 2006

Budget recap. 3rd and final

Again this information can all be found on the internet thru government websites. Don't get it from some liberal media site. Most of this posts information can be found in the February 7th edition of the USA TODAY. It is simply their budget information. The Opinions are solely mine. First let's start with Education. Now the liberal media,and democratic polititions are up in arms about the so called "cuts" in education. The fact is the new budget calls for $56.8 billion. Now that is a 3.4 % decrease of what was made last year. Some of the programs being terminated are why the amount has gone down this year.These are programs the Department of Education deemed "failures" according to their website. However many program will see huge increases. Such as the Pell Grant Program. Which is for needy,and low income students. There will be a $12.7 Billion increase in Pell Grants. Which will help 59,000 more students then it did in 2006. Thats 59,000 Students who would'nt have gotten those grants last year.Bush will also once again push for the private school voucher program. Which contrary to media attention is not for rich people. The private school voucher program is only for low income children.Homeland Security.$55.1 billion increase. Including Adding 1500 new agents. and 2000 new border agents. Health and humane services gets a huge increase of 9.1% or $58 billion dollars. So once again Bush does much more for the poor then the media or Democrats will admit. Veterans will recieve a 5.2% increase at the Veterans administration.. Medical care for veterans will increase 8.1% to $33.2 Billion. Let's take a quick look at the overall economy for the year 2006. We keep hearing how the tax breaks are for the rich, but last year the economy increased tax reciepts 14.5 % the biggest jump in 24 years. So if we all have more money in our pocket we spend more. Which means more taxes. (Sales,luxery,etc...) and the White House predicts another increase of 6.1 % for 2007. That's about does it for the budget. If you really look at the 141 programs that are being either cut or terminated only a handfull are worth saving. Maybe 10 of the 141. The rest are government pork or big business welfare. And the social education programs that have been touched will be taken care of by other programs withen their own departments. Such as the School loan programs that were shelved will be taken care of by Grant programs instead. See you all tomorrow. The Angry American

Sunday, February 12, 2006

2007 budget breakdown part 2 program cuts

It's really kind of pointless to to talk about programs which recieved cuts from the government. Due to the fact that as a whole almost every single department will see an increase in spending this year.But the media likes to use the word "cut" as a way to insinuate the President is actually cutting money out of each department. This is completly false. However certain programs will recieve cuts so that more money can be given to different programs withen the same department.For instance if a program like State job training grants are reduced by $514 million it's because unemployment is down so there is'nt as big of a need for job training.So that $514 million will end up going to another program withen the department of labor. So don't believe the media or the democrat senators when it comes to the talk of budget cuts. Do the research for yourself it's all there on Government websites. So lets start with the DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Again I don't have the time to make a comment on each program (Remember I don't get paid for this) so I will pick out the major programs and high light them. The first is the Environmental quality incentives program, $270 million. I'm sure detractors will say that Bush is anti-environment,but let's look ata history of the program. And what it does according to the USDA website.The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) was reauthorized in the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (Farm Bill) to provide a voluntary conservation program for farmers and ranchers that promotes agricultural production and environmental quality as compatible national goals. EQIP offers financial and technical help to assist eligible participants install or implement structural and management practices on eligible agricultural land.This program was started by President Bush,and like most programs It takes a lot of money to implement new programs. Well it's not a new program any longer so the time has come for a reduction due to the fact that those first start up costs are over. The big one in the ag department is Market access program, $100 million. It's basicly a program set up for people to promote and market their farm product. Sounds great...only problem is the only way to qualify is to be a non-profit organization. I don't know many farmers who set out to be non-profit. In-house research, $123 million. Most research is now done outside the USDA or is done in partner with the USDA.State and private forestry, $100 million . According to the USDA forest service website This will also allow the Forest Service authority to sell small tracts of forest land which would raise another $800 million for the forestry sevice. So that should more than offest that $100 million. Now lets move on to the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE there are only 2 programs up for cuts. I'll take the biggest one Manufacturing extension partnership, $59 million. This is basicly a program in which a small or medium sized manufacturing business can use a consultant from the Department of Commerce.This program also recieves funds from State, Local,and private resources. So the little over $1 million each state would recieve from the Federal government won't make much of an effect. Now comes the part that is so surprising. The Media,and the Democrates in congress have been going nuts over the education cuts. So lets look at EDUCATION. There is only 4 programs recieving cuts for a total of $811 million. The biggest is the Perkins Loans Institutional Fund recall, $664 million. Now what is being done here is that Bush wants to recall all Perkins loans allready set for 2007. A Perkins loan is set up for low income students,and when the loan is repaid it is reissued for another low income student. So the Democrats will say that Bush is a racist only out for the wealthy. But remember Bush is setting aside $12.7 BILLION dollars for Pell Grants which are also set up for low income students. So now these low income students will recieve grants....not loans. Education as a whole will have a budget of $56.8 billion for 2007. Now that is a decrease of 3.4% from last year. However the programs that are being terminated account for the fact why the education budget is down this year. And most of the programs being terminated have been deemed "failures" by the department of Education According to their website. So the President was told it would be in the best interest to terminate those programs. But we know how the media,and democrats will twist this fact.Next is the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. Four programs for $886 million The biggest being Environmental management, $762 million .Here's Another one the libs will say "Bush is against the environment" This program was set up years ago as a way to clean up sites that particapted or contributed to, the research, development, or production of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology. A great program when it was started,but the cold war has been over for close to 20 years now,and most of the clean up is finished. So sooner or later thie program is bound to be reduced. And at some point I would assume it will completly disolved. Next up is HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. Another one the Democrats are after Bush about. Saying he's taking programs away from the poor. Well guess what? They will get a increase of $58 Billion for a total budget of $700 Billion. A 9.1 percent increase. But lets look at the two programs which are seeing the largest reductions of financial aid. Social Services block grant, $500 million. The Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) funds States, territories, and insular areas for the provision of social services directed toward achieving economic self-support or self-sufficiency, preventing or remedying neglect, abuse, or the exploitation of children and adults, preventing or reducing inappropriate institutionalization, and securing referral for institutional care, where appropriate. In 2001 they recieved $1.725 Billion,and in 2002 $1.7 billion. It was a new program in 2001(by Bush) again this is a program that needed lots of cash for start up costs. Now that much just is'nt needed anymore. Health Resources and Service Administration- Children's Graduate Medical Education, $198 million. The Children's Hospitals Graduate Medical Education Payment Program (CHGMEPP) provides funds to children's teaching hospitals to support the training of pediatric and other residents in graduate medical education (GME) programs. Since Federal financial support of graduate medical education is extensively supported by the Medicare system, the CHGME program compensates for the disparity in the level of Federal funding for pediatric teaching hospitals versus other types of teaching hospitals. The Secretary of DHHS has delegated the authority for the administration of the CHGME payment program to Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which redelegated it to the Bureau of Health Professions (BHPr). So basicly what this program does is pay for childrens hospitals to have a residency training program. Now people who complain that this is being cut are the same one who complain about health care costs. You can't have it both ways. Do you want rich doctors to have your money or not? HOMELAND SECURITY One program. Office of grants and training, $694 million. With Homeland Security getting a overall increase of $55.1 billion this program will no longer be needed with the new programs being implemented. HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT One program Public housing capital fund, $261 million. HUD will get a budget of 33.6 Billion dollars this year. So once again this program will get swallowed up by other HUD programs. DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR. Three program biggest is Bureau of Reclamation reductions, $127 million. The Bureau of reductions has been around since 1902. and basicly produces information for the public including data sets, web pages, audiovisual presentations, and published reports, including draft reports made available for public comment. Factors such as imminent threats to public health or homeland security, statutory or court-ordered deadlines. The department of interior will recieve a budget increase or $971.6 Million. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. Three programs The biggest being State job training grants consolidation, $514 million. Another case of if the unemployment rate is down (4.7 %) then money can be used in other places. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. One program Amtrak, $394 million. Amtrak has been a money pit for the u.s. government. And sticking any more money into this program is a waste.The government should unload it to a private company for a song,and dance. I mean really why would you want to take a train across country for several days when you can fly there in a couple hours,and still fly cheaper then Amtrak. I can't express enough what a waste Amtrak is. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY. Two program for a total of $218 million.Biggest is Clean water state revolving fund, $199 million. This program will still operate on a budget of right around $4 billion. So don't believe the "Bush hates the environment" garbage. INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS. Two programs for a total of $160 million. Let's look at both of them. Assistance for Eastern European democracy, $83 million and Assistance for the state of the former Soviet Union, $78 million. It's time both of these stand on their own 2 feet. Enough said. There is four other programs left so I'll take the biggest. NASA One program Aeronautics Mission Research Directorate, $160 million. NASA will still recieve a budget increase of $3.2 billion. That about does it for the second part of the budget breakdown. All my information is availible thru the internet. Just google it. Some was also taken from the February 7th edition of the USA Today. I have about 15 hours of research for both posts so if you're going to do some research be prepared to spend some time on it. Also remember don't believe the media. Do the research yourself,and find out the facts. I will post a short recap of both posts to just point out the major points of the budget plan. Until then Have a great week.

Finaly the 2007 budget breakdown Part 1 Terminations

Everyday I read how the Bush administration is slashing the budget,and destroying social programs for the poor. Well here is a breakdown of what is really being done. Some grograms are being reduced while other are simply being terminated. I'll start with the programs being terminated. Most of the programs being terminated are progrmas that recieve very little funding to begin with. There is 88 programs slated for termination of those 88 programs 52 of them recieve $30 million or less from the federal government. many of them are less then $10 million. In my opinion most of these smaller programs are nothing more than government pork. Here are some of the bigger dollar programs that are being terminated,and what those programs do.I don't have time to list all programs over $30 million so I'm picking a few from each catagory. We'll start with the AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT. The one the media seems to like the most is the Commodity supplemental food program. $107 Million.Includes low-income pregnant and breastfeeding women, other new mothers up to one year postpartum, infants, children up to their sixth birthday, and elderly persons at least 60 years of age who meet income eligibility requirements. According to a 2002 survey(The only one I could find) only 410,719 people across the country used this program.And if you use this prgram you can not use W.I.C. So the people who are using this will probobly just change over to w.i.c. The other big one is the Research and extension grant earmarks $196 million. This is a program that has been cut several times since 2002,and it has'nt affected anything by doing so. Why keep it around? Next is the COMMERCE DEPARTMENT The biggest program being terminated is the Advanced technology program, $79 million. This has been a troubled program from it's start in 1988. It's a program in which big business gets grants to research their own products. Congress passed legislation eliminating the program in 1995, but President Bill Clinton vetoed the bill. President Clinton again blocked the elimination of the ATP the following year, inducing Congress to try to reform the troubled program. After those reforms failed to fix the program, the House of Representatives voted in 2000, 2001, and 2002 to terminate the ATP, only to have the Senate restore funding each time in conference committee. Hopefully it's gone for good this time. A waste of money. Lets move on to the EDUCATION PROGRAMS. The first is the Educational technology state grants, $272 million. The primary goal of the Ed-Tech program is to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology in schools. It is also designed to assist students in crossing the digital divide by ensuring that every student is technologically literate by the end of eighth grade. With the way the computer world has changed over the past 10 years kids are much quicker at picking up on computers then it was when I was young. no more learnign about c:\prompt and other useless information.This is a program that was great in it's day,but just is'nt needed any longer. GEAR UP, $303 million. Here is another program the media,and democrats are using to say Bush is against the poor,and minorities. Totally untrue The bush Administration is adding 12.7 BILLION in pell grants this year and will help 59,000 more students then in 2006 So basicly the money saved in GEAR UP will be shifted to Pell grants.Vocational education state grants, $1,182 million. See my last explanation about Pell grants. Safe and Drug-Free Schools state grants, $347 million. The fact is these type of programs just don't work. Former President Reagan pushed many anti-drug school programs,and there are more students who admit to using drugs then there were 20 years ago. Why don't these programs work? Because they are set up by people who know nothing about drug addiction. They come up with posters that say things like "Get high on school sports" well the kid who hangs with the wrong crowd makes that into a joke. You need drug counselor who deal with kids to run these programs not polititions On to the ENERGY DEPARTMENT. nothing major here.but I'll talk about the biggest one Oil and gas research and development, $64 million. Now Democrats will complain that we are paying to much for gas,and that the oil companies are making to much profit. So here is a way to cut some corporate welfare from the oil companies. So stop complaining. HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES PROGRAMS. The biggest is from the Community services block grant, $630 million. Sounds like lots of Americans will suffer? Nope. This is a program set up to help Indian tribes in all 50 states. Well with the fact that most tribes are now self supporting due to casinos this program has become a waste,and for smaller tribes that don't have casinos there are other programs to help them. Centers for Disease Control preventive block grant, $99 million. A program so states can set up education programs for whatever illness they want to educate poeple in. At less then $2 million dollars per state. Then you take out government employee salaries,and I think this money would be better spent on research.HOMELAND SECURITY. Office of grants and training, $229 million. The department is adding 55.1 Billion to the budget. So this program will just fall into another catagory. HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT. HOPE VI, $198 million. This is really a small amount when you see how much HUD recieves. I'm sure HUD will just transfer money around and continue to do the same thing. The HOPE VI Program, originally known as the Urban Revitalization Demonstration (URD), was developed as a result of recommendations by the National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing, which was charged with proposing a National Action Plan to eradicate severely distressed public housing. The Commission recommended revitalization in three general areas. DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR. No projects over $30 million. So lets move on to the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT. Byrne justice assistance grants, $327 million. This is one of the few programs I hate to see cut. These grants provide financial support for law inforcement in various ways for many different programs. State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, $400 million. This program may sound like a big lose,but with 458.9 million being aet aside for border control,and another 2000 border agents being added.This should take care of most of the CAAP. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. Migrant and seasonal farmworkers training program, $79 million. The NFJP provides funding to help migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families achieve economic self sufficiency by offering supportive services to them while they work in agriculture or by helping them to acquire new skills for jobs offering better pay.Most of these problems can also be taken care of by the Unemployment Office. So they will most likely take over those programs. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. There are two programs listed for termination. National defense tank vessel construction program, $74 million,and my favorite. Railroad rehabilitation financing loan program There were no funds for the RHFLP at all last year. So it's being scrapped all together.ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Unrequested projects, $277 million. This was a very hard one to research. I can understand why it's being scrapped. This program is set up so the EPA has extra cash laying around for whatever they feel they need it for. Most of it goes to test water,but it is hard to find out why the water was tested to begin with. And some funds were used to increase security under the homeland security act.. A very confusing program. That ends it for the terminations. I will post part 2 of my budget report dealing with reductions next. here is a yahoo link to all terminated,and reduced programs. Find the program you're interested in,and google it to find out more about the program.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cold season,and a "Dingy Harry" update

I'm trying me best to get this budget post finished,but I have been getting my tail kicked the past couple days by the common cold. I think I slept like 18 hours today.But thank god for Alka Seltzer plus cold medicine,and orange juice. I feel much better now then I did about 12 hours ago. I thought I'd mention this recent comment from Harry Reid. "Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Bush's speech failed to lay out a comprehensive strategy to fight terrorists.
"As is too often the case with this president, the rhetoric does not match the reality," Reid said. "The fact is this White House has committed a series of national security mistakes that have made America less secure." Does anyone have any idea what this fool is talking about? He is refering to a speech the President made about a foiled terrorist attack from in 2002. Here is a link to the whole story. I'm not sure if Mr.Reid fell asleep during the speech or is just so filled with hatred that it doesn't register. And I would love for Mr. Reid to show me how America is less secure with President Bush ,and we were more secure with Clinton.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Check out these other blogs

Just dropping a quick line. I'm currently working on a post about the Bush tax plan. I want to make sure I get all my facts straight first so it will be a couple days before I post about it. But I wanted to mention these other great blogs. A great patriot military mom. and a great blog and his Cindy Sheehan video is Awesome. I would actually pay to watch it. And the fact that he did all the work on it is incredible. So make sure to check them out. If I ever figure out how to post links I'll be sure to link them both. Oh yeah by the way....The Superbowl was rigged. The Angry American.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The religion of peace?

I'm sure we've all heard the phrase "Islam is the religion of peace" And I'm sure that many many muslims are peacful loving people,but why is it that all we see on television are the fanatical extremists? We've all seen the images of burning embassys everyday for the past few days. Why? Because someone posted a cartoon that people found offensive! There were many cartoons published that depicted Muhammad. Some that painted him as a terrorist,and some that painted him as a man of peace. But it does'nt matter. No depiction of Muhammad is allowed. Even those that paint him in a possitive light. So what should someone do when they're offended? Some have protested peacefully,and asked for an aplogy. But the majoity have decided to riot,and burn those who dare offend them. So when I see a cartoon in the editorial section that depicts a Catholic priest as a sexual deviant should I burn down the newspaper? At least once a week a read an article that slanders the Catholic church in the newspaper. I have'nt been a Catholic for many years now,but it still bothers me due to the fact that MOST Catholic priests are good people. But I also understand that because the Catholic church made so many mistakes with the priest scandals that many people are angered. But just because I'm offended by a story about priests or a cartoon about Jesus I'm not going to slash,and burn. Is that what a religion of peace does? Hell we've even heard Osama Bin Laden himself say in his last interview that Islam is the religion of peace. And he wants a truce with the U.S. Maybe if he would have asked for a truce before his henchmen flew airplanes into buildings we could have worked something out. Look at all the countries that have had problems with muslim extremists since we did on 9-11. Italy,Russia,Brittan,Africa,and not to mention all the suicide bombers in countries that are allready mostly Muslim. If I'm standing next to someone I consider a friend and they tell me that they are going to burn down someones house because they were offended by something someone else said. You can guarantee I will do everything in my power to stop them. So if Islam is truly the religion of peace it's time they stand up against the tyrants who kill in the name of Allah,and do whatever is in their power to stop them. It's time to show the world that you truly are the religion of peace? Until next time. I'm the Angry American

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Welcome to the first American Dream Post

Well I wanted to start by introducing myself a bit. I'm a 35 year old married with one step child blue collar working stiff. I work in the printing industry,and have since I was 16. I believe that all of us as Americans are equel. Black,White, Hispanic, Oriental, Native American,and any other group I may have left out. What ever religion you come from is fine with me. Many of the people I work with feel the same way I do about religion,race,and politics. But why is it every time I turn on the t.v. I have to hear that if I'm republican I'm a racist,sexist,homophobe who hates everyone who does'nt believe the same as me? I used to be someone who voted for members of both politcal partys. I voted for Bill Clinton during his first run for office. But I saw something happen to the Deomcratic party during Clinton's first term,and it just seems to get worse as time goes by. I see them saying this is what we stand for,and if your not with us your a racist, intolerent,bigot, and we will do everything in our power to destroy you. They have become a party of extremist. Who try and scare old people,and minorities with lies. My hope is that one day the Democratic party will will return to the days of F.D.R. and will once again be willing to help bring this country together. Rather then continue and try,and split it down the middle. Well thats it for my first post,and I will try and post at the very least once a week,but hopefully two or three times a week. Until we meet again. I'm The Angry American