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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Take a little drive,and tell me what you see. The Democrats have lost their base

Yesterday afternoon I drove about 45 minutes to my uncle's farm to pick pears, and apples. The drive out there is mostly thru farm country,and you also have to drive thru about six small town farm communities, now the DFL stands for Democratic Farm Labor Party so with the elections coming soon I assumed that small farm towns would lean Democrat, but on the way to the farm it did'nt seem that way, so on the way back I tried to keep track in my head,and I would say that signs supporting Republicans out numbered Democrat signs by about 80%. They say that in Minnesota it is about 43% who support the Democratic party, and 41% who support the Republican, and the rest don't favor either party. I've also noticed that the big cities like the one I work in, and the one I grew up in both seem to lean very much towards the Democratic party. Now what is my point? Well basicly that the Democratic Farm Labor party has now lost it's base. Instead it gets the support of people who live in bigger cities who have higher home prices, and higher property taxes. The farmers can see the Republican tax breaks have worked, many farmers here in Minnesota farm, and work day jobs,or they farm full time,but their wives work full time. Farming in Minnesota has become more of a noble cause over the years, and a family tradition it's very difficult to farm full time, and turn a profit. Most in this day,and age use it to make some extra money. So these aren't corporate farmers,they are hard working blue collar people who during the fall of the year when they have crops to get in will probably work 7 days a week until it's done. They have turned thier backs on the Democrats,and have seen that tax breaks for all work. Remember this is the democrats original base who no longer believe in them , Instead their base has switched to people who live in big cities who say they don't want the tax breaks because they want the government to put that money into something else that is more important,but then they complain that their property taxes are to high. The reason their property taxes are high is because the town they live in is using that money for those extras they want. So do you want the state or federal government to pay for those things or your local government,and what's the difference either way you pay for it. So this is what the Democratic party has now become a bunch of whinners who want the government to take care of them, and the hard working people the democratic party was started to defend know it,and have turned their backs on their own party. These people support strong military,and that each community should take care of itself, and not rely on the government to take care of you. If you're a farmer,and paying taxes does any of that money funnel to your communitie....NO it goes to Minneapolis,and St.Paul. Does the Democratic party support anything that these people believe in? Again the answer is no. The Democrats have lost their base,and lost their way as well. The Angry American

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who's funding your politicians campaign?

I've meaning to write this post for some time, but just have been to busy to do it, but as it gets closer to election time I figured I better get on this one. Usually around election time there is lots of talk about special interest groups funding people's campaigns, so first let me say something about that. If you support abortion,and take money from a group that supports abortion I can't really say that is a conflict, I support the N.R.A. so if I were running for some type of public office I wouldn't think twice about taking money from a "special interest group" like the N.R.A. since I support them in the first place, But what about someone who is running on the platform of going after big oil tax breaks when they themselves have money invested in big oil or they continue to talk about how corporate lobbyists have hurt American Politics,but they never mention that they themselves were once a corporate lobbyist, and continues to help fund their campaign with Washington D.C. fundraisers. This is the situation we have here in Minnesota with a U.S. Senate candidate named Amy Klobuchar I could write an entire story just on this sorry excuse for a candidate, but I don't want to stray from the topic of outside money funding political campaigns. How many of you actually know where money comes from to support your candidate? Here in Minnesota it seems that the Democrats will take money from anyone willing to shovel it out. I'm sure many of you have heard of Al Franken, he's a former writer, and sometimes actor on Saturday Night Live. He also appears on many political talk show,and hosts a radio show that no one listens to. I do find Franken to be both funny,and intelligent, but also an egotistical jackass. He is also the founder of an organization called Midwest Values PAC. Since Franken is from Minnesota they donate mostly in Minnesota (I wonder how much they'll donate to his run at congress in 2008?) but they also donate to other's throughout the Midwest, and around the country according to their website. This year the PAC gave $5000 to the Alliance For a Better Minnesota ,and $15,000 to the State DFL Party here are some who donated to The PAC Barbara Streisand, Sydney Pollack, Rob Reiner,and Jimmy Smits just to name a few. What in the hell do any of these people now about Minnesota values? And what concern is it to them who runs our state? The last thing I care about is what Barbara Streisand, and Rob Reiner think about my values. Let's see what other outsiders have given money to the Minnesota Democratic party, First donating $625,000 to the Alliance for a better Minnesota Alida (Rockefeller) Messinger, a member of the Rockefeller family who is concerned about me, how wonderful! She also donated $75,000 to Win Minnesota, wow she must really care about us here in Minnesota, I'm so glad a Billionaire is willing to help us poor stupid farmers in Minnesota. Also donating to Win Minnesota at the tune of $100,000 is Lynde Uihlein who claims to be a homemaker from Milwaukee Wisconsin, but forgets to mention she's also the Heiress to the Schlitz Brewing Company. Donating to the State DFL, Mike Hatch for governor, Senate DFL,and Minnesota for a change for a total of $191,000 is former Clinton presidential advisory committee Vance Opperman who does live in Minnesota , and has spent most of his life spending his daddies money by bankrolling the Minnesota DFL his dad ran West Publishing a family business, which sold in 1996 for 3.4 Billion in CASH. His father once said "I have political friends, he (Vance) has political friends, and so even if the government changes, we have someone in control." Donating to the Hatch campaign, Minnesota for Change, and Citizens For Effective Government for a total of $111,000 is James Deal a Washington state lawyer as well as a mortgage broker in the state of Washington. How can someone from the state of Washington donate to an organization called "Minnesota For A Change", and why does he care who our Governor is? Last, but not least is our old buddy,the guy who finances every democrat he can find, and spent 23.5 million dollars of his own money to try, and defeat George Bush in 2004. Mr. George Soros. who donated $100,000 to America Votes, and I'm sure will donate more as time goes on. So my question is, do we really care if someone excepts money from a special interest group that the person supports, or should we be worried about these outside interests who really should have no interest in the state to begin with? I wouldn't even care about a celebrity supporting a candidate if they have interests in our government. I wouldn't care if Prince who still lives here a good portion of the year donated, or Bill Murry or Tom Cruise who both used to own cabins in Minnesota (they still might I don't know for sure) or even a rich daddies boy like Vance Opperman who still lives here. What bothers me are these outside interests who have no reason to care who runs our government, chances are if these people care about who runs our state, they care who run yours, and at some point they are going to want something in return, or they are simply jamming their agenda down your throat. Either way that is something that is not good for any community. Until next time I'm The Angry American

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

F#CK MEXICO! A story of Mexican justice

Now regardless of what someone thinks of his television show, or the fact that he has the worse looking Mullet since I cut mine off in 1993. What has happened to Duane "Dog"Chapman is a true travesty of justice. So I wanted to do a little bio on Chapman,and also talk about his recent arrest,and possible return to Mexico. Chapman as a young man was by no means an angel, He became a member of a motorcycle gang,and was arrested 18 times for armed robbery. In 1977 Chapman was sentenced to five years of hard labor for according to Chapman, murder he claims he didn't commit. He served two years of hard labor,and was paroled in 1979. Chapman's first wife divorced him while he was in prison,when he was released he owed two years back child support, a judge offered him a chance to catch a fugitive for $200 to help knock some of that money off his back support. His career as a bounty hunter was now beginning. After being released from prison Chapman became a born again Christian. Chapman has had over 6000 captures in his 27 year career, his most high profile capture came in June of 2003 when Duane his son Lelend,and his associate Tim captured Andrew Luster who was an heir to the Max Factor fortune who was wanted for at least three brutal rapes after drugging his victims, Luster had antagonized Chapman thru an e-mail telling him "I'll spot your style,and you don't have enough money to catch me", The Chapman trio found Luster in a nightclub in Porta Viarta filled with young girls, of course most people know Porta Viarta is a big tourist town,and is a huge spring break destination, Luster is 6'3",and 245 pounds, and preyed on young girls. He was a good looking, well built guy who was able to use that to his advantage when finding has victims, he was in Porta Viarta as a wolf waiting for his next victim to attack. Chapman knew from what I understand that bounty hunting is illegal, but he took a chance to get a sick abusive rapist to justice. Let's face it with the the way the Mexican police work he would have never been arrested by them, all he would have had do is slip them some money when ever they asked for it. There is also some speculation,that while in Mexico Luster may have assaulted some women there as well. Now my understanding is that the Mexican authorities will allow a bounty hunter into Mexico to perform their duty if they go thru the proper channels, and Chapman did not do that, but again this guy is an heir to a multi million dollar fortune who more then likely would have been tipped off. Chapman was arrested for bounty hunting, and Luster was taken into custody by Mexican authorities. Chapman was released on bail, and then left the country, my understanding is that he was told by his attorneys that they would handle everything, and that his charge would be a misdemeanor offense. A few days later the Judge in the case issued a warrant for their arrest when he found out they left the country. Now jump ahead to last Friday, mind you it was three years after his warrant was issued,and two years after his a&e show went on the air, so with his television exposure it wasn't to hard to find him. On Friday morning at 6 a.m. 12 armed U.S. Federal marshals went on the Chapman's property first grabbing their daughters boyfriend throwing him to the ground, and holding him at gunpoint, they then entered the house, grabbed Chapman in bed, and placed him under arrest. They then continued to Tim's house,and then went after Leland. Duane Chapman jr was there at the time of Leland's arrest,and was told by the marshals afterwards that they were sorry they had to use force, and weapon's but they were only doing their jobs, which I would agree with,what I don't agree with is that fact that it had to happen at all. Authorities could have called Chapman, and told him to turn himself in, he's very recognizable and also owns three bail bonds agencies. This guy is not a flight risk, and the U.S. Justice department should have told the Mexican Government to go F#ck themselves. The Mexican Government will not extradite a fugitive to the U.S. if it is possible that we may put that person to death, so that means rapists, and murderer's are allowed protection if they go to Mexico. That's why Scott Peterson was trying to head to Mexico with a trunk full of cash, and then they go, and ask our government to extradite someone for a misdemeanor! Whoever heard of someone being extradited from one state to another for a misdemeanor, let alone another country?"Dog", Leland,and Tim were released on bail awaiting there extradition hearing, and there has been no date set for those hearings as of yet. What this comes down to is a new Mexican President who wants to make an example of someone,and he knows that Chapman has some money now that he has a show that is highly successful, and he wants Chapman to buy his freedom. How many Americans do you think skipped out of Mexico after receiving a misdemeanor? Probably a good portion of college students who go there for spring break. Do you think they will be arrested? Hell no! There's no money or publicity in it for the Mexican Government. I say when Mexico is willing to extradite murderers, and rapists we'll extradite for misdemeanors, until then they can go and f#ck themselves. The Angry American

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The latest warning from the Surgeon Generals office states as follows. "A nationwide poll in July on 9-11 by the Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University found that 36 percent of respondents think the federal government either assisted in the attacks or allowed them to happen as a pretext to start a war in the Middle East. The poll also found that 16 percent of respondents think the World Trade Center's twin towers were toppled by hidden explosives and 12 percent think the Pentagon was hit by a U.S. cruise missile. (By comparison, the same poll found that 38 percent think the feds are withholding proof of the existence of intelligent life from other planets.) It has now become a matter of national health that we declare the MOONBAT VIRUS a major epidemic" The surgeon Generals office has issued warning signs,and precautions to deal with the spreading virus as well as tips,and answers on how to deal with someone who is affected by the Moonbat Virus. The Wikipedia Encyclopedia lists "Moonbat" as "Moonbat is a political epithet coined in 2002 by Perry de Havilland of a libertarian weblog. It was originally a play on the last name of George Monbiot, a columnist for The Guardian. Although the term enjoys great currency in the libertarian and conservative blogosphere as an all-purpose insult for modern liberals, peace protestors, and other ideological opponents, and can best be used to describe someone who constructs elaborate conspiracy theories.
Stage one of the Virus is commonly known as the Cocoon phase. This phase may start as simply as a Tie-dye shirt, and a Phish c.d. Now don't be alarmed if your loved one has purchased these products,but be on the lookout for other strange behavior,mostly language. For instance if the possible infected individual says something along the likes of "Iraq never attacked us why are we there?" this could be a sign. First try and explain to them that Iraq supported terrorism,and Saddam Hussein paid money to the family's of dead suicide bombers,and Iraq is part of the war on terrorism. This should be enough to either help eliminate the virus,or see if the virus has advanced to the next stage. It is also suggested that the infected watch several hours of either the Andy Griffith show or The Green Beret's starring John Wayne,and if possible they should listen to no less then 2 hours of Waylon Jennings music, it has been found that "The Eagle" or "America" on a continuous loop should be enough to reverse most of the early stages of the virus. Stage Two Of the virus is usually known as the Strange Odor Stage. Now this has nothing to do with the infected individual's hygiene,but by now they have been influenced by others infected by the Moonbat virus,and are probably starting to wear Patchouli oil. Patchouli oil is a natural oil that comes from the Patchouli plant it is also used to cover the scent of Marijuana,the Moonbats find this odor of Patchouli oil to be an aphrodisiac,and is worn by both male,and females that are infected with the virus. The stage two infected clothing will usually consist of tie-dye, camouflage, and concert t-shirts. They may start to make crazy statements like " Bush rigged the elections in 2000, and 2004" Try to explain to the infected that in 2000 the votes in Florida were counted three times,and each time Bush was declared the winner,also explain to them that if Bush were going to "fix" an election why would he choose an area that was going to be one of the last ones counted like Florida or Ohio? Why wouldn't he choose an area that would never be noticed that was also close? This may be enough to get them to understand that the conspiracy's are just that,conspiracy's not fact. Stages one,and Two are generally much easier to help reverse the affects of the virus. Again it is suggested that the infected watches either the Andy Griffith show or The Green Beret's starring John Wayne. It is also suggested that the infected does not under any cirstances watch CNN or interviews conducted by Dan Rather until the Virus leaves the body, these will only increase the chance for the Virus to spread.
Stage Three of the virus is referred to as the Anti-Everything stage. At this Point is when the virus is starting to take a serious turn for the worse. The infected will start to go to as many protests as they can, even if they don'tknow what the protest is for . They will continue to give crazy information,about how they don't support the draft. Logic is now slowly disappearing,and explaining to them that we don't have a draft will probably not sway them from going to the anti draft rally. At this point they can not help but go to as many rallies and protests as they can, anti draft, anti war, free Tookie Williams,it's not the cause that matters, it's the protest that counts. Some experts agree that it may be the smell of Patchouli oil, it is usually found repulsive by those not infected,but at this point the infected can not resist it's aroma. They will probably also start chanting crazy slogans at the drop of a hat,some of the more popular chants are "Bush lied people died" and " The Twin Towers were imploded" they may also chant slogans that seem strange to those not infected like "Hands of Fallujah". They may by now have changed in appearance quite a bit, one of the most important signs of the stage three Moonbat is the wearing of a Che Guevara T-shirt or carrying the flag of the U.S.S.R. to one of their protests, if they have both they are surely in stage three. One of the reason most Moonbats identify with Guevara is that many of them are like him the children of wealthy leftist, so when they see real poverty it shocks them,and they think they only way to make things even is to overthrow the Government. It is suggested that the stage three infected Moonbat goes out and gets a job, preferably a blue color job or one in which there is a chance they get dirty. When the have done so they will see how Capitalism works, then there is still the chance that the infected will be able to recover. Stage Four is known as The Blank Stare Stage. When the infected has entered this stage there is no help for recovery. It is also know as the thousand mile stare, and can be seen in the above examples of One of the nations most well known Moonbats Cindy Sheehan when she was still in her fourth stage infection, as well as Manson Family member Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme most members of the Manson family possessed the blank stare, however most Moonbats even in these late stages are not violent people. The infected in this stage have now lost all sense of reason,and some like Miss Sheehan have also lost most of their sanity. They will talk about what a horrible country we live in,and look at Cuba as a shining example of freedom. Even if you explain to them that From the time Fidel Castro took power in 1959 that by the year 1967 experts believe that over 5000 executions had been carried out against people who spoke against the Government of Cuba,those not executed where imprissioned. Or that the Constitution Of Cuba states that citizens have the right to free speech as long as it keeps with the objective of a socialist society. They will still argue that Cuba is free society,and America is not. Even when they use America's freedom's in a public place they can not be convinced that they are doing so. It is still under much debate between scientists if those infected with the fourth stage of the virus are misinformed or just pathological liars. There is no hope for the fourth stage infected Moonbats. They can not understand common sense anymore. If you have a loved one who is in the Fourth stage of the virus all one can do is hope that one day they are committed before they hurt themselves or someone else. Do not try to convince the loved one that they are wrong about anything, this will only anger them,and make them believe you are part of "The Conspiracy" It's best to just pat their arm,and tell them they'll be o.k. Even John Wayne, Andy Griffith,and Waylon Jennings in a steady barrage can not turn them back now. Stage Five This is the final stage and is known in the scientific community as The Sack of Squirrels stage. It was named that, because at this point the infected have become crazier then a sack of squirrels. They are now full blooded Moonbats. One of the unique things with this stage is that they now have severe hearing problems. They can still hear everything,but if you are saying something that they don't agree with it sounds as if your blowing a trumpet in their ear, so since they can't hear you, when they talk to you they feel the need to yell,and they do so at very inopportune times like at funerals,and award shows. They also show an extreme hatred for anything that America stands for, they believe in freedom of speech,but if question them they call you a hate monger. They also say things like 9-11 happened because of things that we've done,and then in the next sentence will say 9-11 was a conspiracy by the Bush administration. At this point they will do anything to recruit more Moonbats, some will write books about conspiracy's, some will make movie's in which they will make up facts or twist one story into another,and change names all for the sake of the making more Money. Yes at this point the Moonbats who have grown to hate capitalism will do whatever it takes to make a quick buck, even if that means learning to cry on cue for the camera's,and posing for pictures on the grave of their dead children. Anyone can become a Moonbat even The son of extremely popular former conservative President's as in the case of Ron Reagan Jr. So do not take for granted that your loved one can't become a Moonbat. The important thing is to look for the early warning signs. More then two Tie-dyed shirts, music by Phish, Neal Young or if your loved one never listened to the Dixie Chicks until after the infamous we're not proud of George Bush comment, the smell of Patchouli oil,and most importantly conspiracy theory comments on more then one topic. Also remember that not all infected with the Moonbat Virus will become stage five Moonbats,they may never advance further then the early stages. Scientists also claim that 98% of all Moonbats infected with the stage Five of the virus will die penniless,and insane trying to play a phonograph record with a peanut, so it's important to catch it in the early stages if at all possible. This has been a public service announcement by the Surgeon General in conjunction with The Angry American. (Parody not to be taken seriously) well at least not in a literal sense.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you?

I wanted to go in a different direction in this post,I want to stay away from politics,and just talk about one day in my life. Tuesday September 11th 2001 is one of those situations in life in which you will always remember where you were at when it happened. For me I was at work,at the time I was working a small town newspaper one of eleven employees , I ran the printing department,and most mornings I did my prep,and finishing from the day before jobs. During this time I would usually have the radio on,and when I heard about the first plane hitting the first tower in was really just a quick blurb on before the commercial break,about 20 minutes later they announced that a second plane hit the second tower. The original report on the radio was that the first plane was a commercial Jetliner,and the second was a small private plane,but they believed that this was now a terrorist attack,before I even started thinking about what was going on I went around the building,and told everyone what was going on,most everyone turned on their radio at that point. About a half hour later I was standing in the front talking to the secretary's about everything,and then we heard about a third plane crashing into the Pentagon,when that was announced on of the secretary's named Carol got very quiet,her Father was a lifetime military man,and was currently stationed at the Pentagon. She was on the verge of tears,but not quite hysterical. She told the owners she needed to find out what was going on,and they told her just stay there,and make whatever phone calls she needed,they did not want her driving in her condition. About the time we thought it was all over a half hour later we heard that a fourth plane had crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. It was also around this time that it was announced that all airflight was grounded until further notice, I guess with everything going on I didn't really even contemplate that would happen. I had a one way ticket for Friday morning to fly to New Orleans, I wasn't to worried about it because I knew I would be able to rework my schedule when flight was resumed. However we already had a Ryder truck reserved in Louisiana for the move back here,and my girlfriend who was living in Louisiana at the time I knew would be freaking out about it. We found out about an hour after the Pentagon bombing that Carols dad's office was moved due to the work that was being done at the Pentagon,and was actually at an office building about a block from the Pentagon,but her mom still had not heard from him,but he was more then likely fine. I took lunch a little earlier that day,and the owners told me they went home for lunch that day,and that both of the Twin Towers had collapsed. I went home from work around five that day which was a little later then normal,looking back I think it was because I didn't want to be by myself,not out of fear,but I think because I wanted to be somewhere with fellow American's. All the local church's in town had big signs out front that said come in and pray, I thought about going in,but since I hadn't been to church in years I thought it would be hypocritical,and I would be more comfortable praying at home instead. Normally when I would get home from work I would watch an hour of the Simpsons,but tonight I was like everyone else I wanted to see what was going on,and I just couldn't believe the actual visual site of watching those planes smash into those buildings. It was after five P.M. And I was just watching these images for the first time. I called my parents,and my mom who is always worried about something was of course worried about me flying after this event. I wasn't able to talk to my girlfriend Angel (who would later become my wife) until she got home from work at around 8:30, so I pretty much spent the rest of the evening watching the news footage,and talking to a few friends on the phone. Angel got a hold of me when she got home from work,and we talked until 2:00 a.m, I tried to just tell her that all we can do is play things by ear. If we loose the rider truck there is nothing we can do about it,and I also felt they probably would understand the circumstances,and either hold it or refund her the money. I tried to play it as I wasn't nervous about flying,but to be honest I was, I had never flown and my flight was suppose to be one of the very first flights allowed back in the air. I remember the anger,and true hatred I had in my heart that day for the people who had committed these acts,and also the pride I had as an American when it seemed that everyone in America was all on the same page. There were no political parties, no racial divides, It seemed that we all wanted the same exact thing, for terrorists in the world to pay for what had happened,and make sure it never happened again . When I got off the phone with Angel about 2:00 a.m, I watched t.v for a while longer,but could feel myself falling asleep as I watched, I went to bed completely mentally drained. When you remember the anniversary of 9-11 remember how you felt inside that day,and remember all of those who died that day, all of them were loved by somebody,they were mother's, father's, brother's, sister's, son's, daughter's, husband's,and wife's, and they were from all racial,and religious backgrounds, business people,emergency workers,and blue color people they were truly what this country is about, the great melding pot. They were Americans. Until next time I'm the Angry American

Friday, September 08, 2006

The story of a war

I thought I would do something a little bit differently in this post,so I am going to tell you all a story of a war. A story you've probably heard before,but may want to hear about it again. There once was a President who wanted to overthrow a Government,this Government was divided into two groups,the controlling group did everything they could to make sure that the other group stayed in line even if that meant they had to kill people of the other group. This Government didn't like our President telling them what to do,so our Government ,and theirs went to war. This President asked for powers that no other President had ever wielded, including imprisoning people without a trial,and spending money without congressional authorization. After the war was over reconstruction of the fallen enemy had begun,but there was still fighting,because the first group still wanted to oppress the other group.This President was opposed by many other politicians because of his decision making,including members of his own political party,but he was determined to stay the course. So do you think I'm talking about President Bush,and Iraq? No I'm talking about Abraham Lincoln,and The Confederate States of America,and even when our Government overthrew the Confederates the old hardline Confederates did everything they could do to make sure the blacks were kept in line,like starting organizations like the K.K.K., or former slave owners telling the blacks that we will let you farm the land with us,and then making it impossible for them to ever become financially independent,after paying the former slave owner rent,and having to pay for farm supply's the now free former slave was still indebted to the landowner probably for the rest of their life. In the late 50's southern blacks had had enough,they were not slaves anymore,and demanded to be free. Many gave their life for that freedom,black and white,but the old south still did not want to give that freedom,and many southern politicians still would not follow what the Government told them to do,they would not Desegregate their Schools,and treated blacks as second class citizens. Contrary to popular belief the civil rights movement did not start with John F Kennedy,it started in 1954 with President Dwight D Eisenhower a republican. Segregation on the other hand was supported by Democrat's like Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus, Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett,and Democratic politician Eugene "Bull" Connor who was the Birmingham Alabama Public Safety Commissioner who used fire hoses,and police attack dogs on unarmed peaceful protestors, John F Kennedy,and His brother Bobby considered Martin Luther King Jr a great threat,and had King put under surveillance,after Kennedy's assassination,and much pressure Lyndon Johnson actually started helping black America.It took the Democrat's in this country 100 years after the end of the Civil war to actually do the right thing. So I wonder about a couple things,why is it that the democratic party now claims they did so much for the Civil rights movement when in fact it was their party that oppressed blacks in America up until just 40 years ago? Why is it that they continue to call the Republican party racist bigots when it's Republican leaders like Lincoln thro Eisenhower,and others who are the ones who fought for us all to truly be free? And why is it that the Democrat's want us to pull out of Iraq so another oppressive regime can take over that Government,and dominate the minorities in that country? And why is it that Black leaders like Jesse Jackson will continue to support the Democratic party when it was that party he fought against during the Civil Rights Movement of the 50's,and 60's? I think it's time in this country that we set history straight about which political party actually was at the front of the Civil Rights Movement,and we need to make sure that history does not repeat itself in this country or one that is also in a state chaos that will oppress the minorities of that country. And once again it is a Republican who is saying we need to free these people,and keep them safe,and the Democrat's who continue to turn their backs on the freedom of others. The Angry American

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is Wal*Mart really the evil empire?

I watching MSNBC this afternoon because they had a report about Walmart on,so I watched it,Then I Googled Walmart and found a blog called wake up Walmart. Low and behold I guess Walmart is the worst creation capitalism has ever created.About a month a was walking through a local Walmart,and some guy who was walking through the store with his wife was literally yelling everything in this damn store is made in China,he continued to do this for several minutes. My wife made me leave,because I was walking over to him to tell him to not shop there if he doesn't like the store, that sounds like common sense to me. I should also mention I doubt this guy had ever been in a Walmart in his life,his shoes I would guess cost more then all the cloths on my back that day,and my boots cost $150.00. So it's obvious he doesn't support capitalism,and believes that the rich are evil. My wife was recently offered a Job working at Walmart,she makes more then what they offered her,but she's considering it since it may be an easier schedule now that she's back in school. Now my wife worked at Target about three years ago,and Walmarts starting pay in almost $2.00 an hour more then Target,and I want you to do some research if you get a chance, twice a week go to Walmart,and walk thru the store,and look at all the employees,then drive over to Target,and do the same thing,do this for six months,then tell me how many employees that work at Target you see that worked there 6 months ago,and do the same with Walmart. I can guarantee that the number will be higher at Walmart. Why? Because Target has a policy that after the employees 90 day probation period is over they are slowly written off the schedule,that way they don't have to pay insurance or give a raise,and they hire a new employee,and do it all over again. They will tell the employee that they are still employed there,but right now they need to give more hours to new employees so they can train them,and this goes on until the employee quits,because they can't make it one 6 hours a week. Now lets talk about Walmarts products. Do they sell cheap crap from China? Of course they do,everyone does. Go to Walmart,and any store you choose,and price we'll say soup ladles, both stores will carry the same ladle,and Walmart's will be maybe a few cents cheaper,but then Walmart will also carry about 2 or 3 other cheap labels that are low quality,and price. While the other store will carry 2 0r 3 that cost more,but are better quality.You don't have to buy the ladle that costs 88 cents, personally I'd rather pay a little more and get one that's better quality, if that means the better quality one Walmart carries or an even more costly on from the other store. Most other stores have very few full time cashier jobs with benefits, Walmart is one of the rare few that does. I also hear all the time about Walmarts "sweatshop products" Are there products made in other country's that don't enforce child labor laws? I don't know for sure,but I'd guess probably yes. Now again go to any other chain store in the country,and tell me they don't. They carry the same exact products that Walmart does,but for some reason people don't beat up on Target, Shopko, Kmart, Sears. If you really want to avoid products that may be made in child labor factory's I suggest you make your own clothing,because that is the only way,and then you better find out where the material is being made,and don't buy any home electronics. Lots of anti-Walmart people continue to push for unions, hey GREAT idea look how much the unions have done for the Airline,and U.S. Automaker industries, they're the example of profitability. Wouldn't it be great if someone who runs a cash register for 30 years would also get a Pension? If you run a cash register or unload pallets of dog food,do you really expect to make enough to feed a family? Walmart does promote from within. (unlike their competition) but if all you ever do is an entry level job,all you will ever receive is entry level pay,you cant expect to make $15 to $20 an hour in a entry level job,and lets face it some people will just never move up in a company,could be they have a bad attitude or they're just morons.My suggestion is if you've worked at Walmart for 5 years,and you feel you should be making more or should have been able to move up,and haven't you should find another job. Maybe you're an incompetent boob,and nobody wants to tell you,and hurt your feelings. I think what this all boils down to is anyone who is #1 at something is a target. Remember the movie Supersize me from a few years ago about how unhealthy McDonald's is.Before this movie came out did people think a hambuger that drips grease was healthy? McDonalds wasn't even the first fast food place to start the larger size products, Wendy's started it about 6 months prior,and still do it,but McDonalds is #1 so let's go after them.Walmart is #1 let's go after them. Disney is the #1 childrens entity let's go after them.I have a better idea if you don't like them don't go there,and shut your fat piehole. If you want to convince yourself that buying the same exact product from another store is somehow a better quality product then the one that is sold at Walmart fine go ahead,and I also have some magic beans for sale if your interested. And if you work at Walmart and don't like it QUIT! It's not skilled labor IT'S AN ENTRY LEVEL JOB,and you can't expect to make $40 to $60 thousand a year pushing a pallet jack. And if you don't want the job someone else will who will do their job,and not complain. Everything in life is a choice don't like Walmart,fine don't shop there,and don't work there,the rest of us will. The Angry American

Saturday, September 02, 2006

No thanks I'll take care of myself

In my last post about Michael Moore I wanted to get a little more in depth about health care in America,but just didn't have the time to get into the detail I would have liked,so I'll take this time to do that now. Michael Moore's next "documentary" is going to be called "Sicko" and is about the poor health care system here in America. I suggest anyone who thinks we have such poor health care move to any country in which thy think it is better. There is not one single country in the world that spends as much as we do on medical research. We like to complain that we can get our medicine cheaper in Canada.Which is true,but what most people forget to mention is that most of the time the cheaper medicine you're getting from Canada is not the drug companies brand,but a generic brand from a Canadian pharmacy. You can sell a product much cheaper when you don't have to do the research yourself.While we're on the subject on Canada let's talk about them for a while, the liberals in this country love to use Canada as a shining example of FREE health care for all it's citizens,and I'm sure Moore will push that as well in his film,but they always leave out the fact that the FREE health care in Canada sucks! So now they have two health care systems in Canada,the one that the wealthy have that they pay for themselves ,and the Free one almost every other citizen has.So when you call your Doctor in Canada to make an appointment for let's say the flu,and they ask you what kind of health care they will be using,and you tell them the Government issued insurance,who do you think will get an appointment? the one that the government reimburses,or the one the private insurance reimburses? Ask anyone in Canada about the great FREE health care,you actually have to be put on a waiting list for minor medical treatments like having your tonsils removed. You may have to wait for up to a year or longer for such a minor medical procedure.Why?because the Canadian Government needs to okay such a procedure first,but enough about Canada. Let's get back to America. Let's talk about my health insurance. When I was 18,and was first offered health insurance thru my job I paid about $15.00 a month for 100 percent coverage with no co-pay. The next year it became around $20.00 for 100 percent coverage with a $5.00 co-pay for both office visits and medicine co-pay. The company I worked for at that time had around 300 employees,now lets jump ahead to current days. I work for a company with about 35 employees,and this year our plan changed so drastically that we now have a huge deductible to the point that we basically will not even use our insurance at all.Now some would be outraged,how in America can this happen? Well I'll tell you every single year for 5 years our company used more money then we paid in. Just last year we had one person who needed a pacemaker,one person,and his wife both had knee surgery,there were two babies born,one person had carpal tunnel surgery,and I had tests done for carpal tunnel only to find out I had arthritis in my wrist,and those are just the major things I can think of,and know of.So should the insurance company continue to take a lose on our company? Or should my employer continue to have to pay huge premiums, or even bigger premiums? Sure they could have,but then they would have had to let some people go from their jobs. Who do you think would go? Someone who's 25-35 years old,and will have less medical spending or someone who 50-60,and will use it more? So my employer has done other things to try to cover the bases,like putting money into Medical Savings Accounts for each employee,and paying for a good portion of a membership at the YMCA,as well as other things. Insurance company's are in business for the same reason as everyone else, they HAVE to turn a profit in order to stay in business,so stop complaining, and stop complaining they make to much profit.If you own a business,and you turned a profit this year should you feel guilty about it? And we do have free health care here in America, many citizens have free health care,but when someone goes to the hospital, and does not have insurance,and then skips out with either false information or they're an illegal alien who pays for it? The hospital doesn't just write that off,when you go to the hospital that's all figured in to cover people who are going to skip out on the bill.That's why when you're in the hospital an aspirin costs $5.00. So ask yourself,do you want to pay $5.00 for an aspirin? Or do you want to wait 12 months for the government to give you an aspirin? The Angry American