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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

F#CK MEXICO! A story of Mexican justice

Now regardless of what someone thinks of his television show, or the fact that he has the worse looking Mullet since I cut mine off in 1993. What has happened to Duane "Dog"Chapman is a true travesty of justice. So I wanted to do a little bio on Chapman,and also talk about his recent arrest,and possible return to Mexico. Chapman as a young man was by no means an angel, He became a member of a motorcycle gang,and was arrested 18 times for armed robbery. In 1977 Chapman was sentenced to five years of hard labor for according to Chapman, murder he claims he didn't commit. He served two years of hard labor,and was paroled in 1979. Chapman's first wife divorced him while he was in prison,when he was released he owed two years back child support, a judge offered him a chance to catch a fugitive for $200 to help knock some of that money off his back support. His career as a bounty hunter was now beginning. After being released from prison Chapman became a born again Christian. Chapman has had over 6000 captures in his 27 year career, his most high profile capture came in June of 2003 when Duane his son Lelend,and his associate Tim captured Andrew Luster who was an heir to the Max Factor fortune who was wanted for at least three brutal rapes after drugging his victims, Luster had antagonized Chapman thru an e-mail telling him "I'll spot your style,and you don't have enough money to catch me", The Chapman trio found Luster in a nightclub in Porta Viarta filled with young girls, of course most people know Porta Viarta is a big tourist town,and is a huge spring break destination, Luster is 6'3",and 245 pounds, and preyed on young girls. He was a good looking, well built guy who was able to use that to his advantage when finding has victims, he was in Porta Viarta as a wolf waiting for his next victim to attack. Chapman knew from what I understand that bounty hunting is illegal, but he took a chance to get a sick abusive rapist to justice. Let's face it with the the way the Mexican police work he would have never been arrested by them, all he would have had do is slip them some money when ever they asked for it. There is also some speculation,that while in Mexico Luster may have assaulted some women there as well. Now my understanding is that the Mexican authorities will allow a bounty hunter into Mexico to perform their duty if they go thru the proper channels, and Chapman did not do that, but again this guy is an heir to a multi million dollar fortune who more then likely would have been tipped off. Chapman was arrested for bounty hunting, and Luster was taken into custody by Mexican authorities. Chapman was released on bail, and then left the country, my understanding is that he was told by his attorneys that they would handle everything, and that his charge would be a misdemeanor offense. A few days later the Judge in the case issued a warrant for their arrest when he found out they left the country. Now jump ahead to last Friday, mind you it was three years after his warrant was issued,and two years after his a&e show went on the air, so with his television exposure it wasn't to hard to find him. On Friday morning at 6 a.m. 12 armed U.S. Federal marshals went on the Chapman's property first grabbing their daughters boyfriend throwing him to the ground, and holding him at gunpoint, they then entered the house, grabbed Chapman in bed, and placed him under arrest. They then continued to Tim's house,and then went after Leland. Duane Chapman jr was there at the time of Leland's arrest,and was told by the marshals afterwards that they were sorry they had to use force, and weapon's but they were only doing their jobs, which I would agree with,what I don't agree with is that fact that it had to happen at all. Authorities could have called Chapman, and told him to turn himself in, he's very recognizable and also owns three bail bonds agencies. This guy is not a flight risk, and the U.S. Justice department should have told the Mexican Government to go F#ck themselves. The Mexican Government will not extradite a fugitive to the U.S. if it is possible that we may put that person to death, so that means rapists, and murderer's are allowed protection if they go to Mexico. That's why Scott Peterson was trying to head to Mexico with a trunk full of cash, and then they go, and ask our government to extradite someone for a misdemeanor! Whoever heard of someone being extradited from one state to another for a misdemeanor, let alone another country?"Dog", Leland,and Tim were released on bail awaiting there extradition hearing, and there has been no date set for those hearings as of yet. What this comes down to is a new Mexican President who wants to make an example of someone,and he knows that Chapman has some money now that he has a show that is highly successful, and he wants Chapman to buy his freedom. How many Americans do you think skipped out of Mexico after receiving a misdemeanor? Probably a good portion of college students who go there for spring break. Do you think they will be arrested? Hell no! There's no money or publicity in it for the Mexican Government. I say when Mexico is willing to extradite murderers, and rapists we'll extradite for misdemeanors, until then they can go and f#ck themselves. The Angry American


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