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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Remember Kevin Cosgrove

Who is Kevin Cosgrove ? Up until a couple days ago I never heard of him either. Then while on the internet a few days ago I ran across a video that introduced me to him. He lived in West Islip New York. He was 46 and the claims Vice President of Aon Corporation. And he was on the 105th floor of the west tower of the World Trade Center on Sptember 11th 2001. And the video brought me back to the day it happened. How sad it was. How angry I was. Here is a link to the video. Watch the whole video. Then I read the comments that members of the website posted. Most of them made me even madder,and even sadder yet. Most of the comments were just downright disrespectful of someones death. Comments like " Sucks to be him " and "god was obviously not answering his pleas." It made me wonder how this country will ever come together as one with American citizens saying things like that. I can gaurantee that no one said anything like that after Peral Harbor. But this post isn't about people who hate their country. This is about Kevin Cosgrove. Here is a link to find out more about him from friends who knew him. He left behind a wife Wendy. and three children Brian 12 ,Claire 10, Elizabeth 4, a mother, two brothers,and four sisters. His body was found in the rubble 1 week later.And in his death he helped bring justice when the audio from his 911 call was played at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui. So with the anniversery of 9-11 right around the corner. Think about Kevin Cosgrove. He had a family, He had a life, He was an American,and he was loved. and he deserves to be remembered with dignity,and respect. May he rest in peace. Until next time I'm The Angry American.


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