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Friday, July 21, 2006

Thank you Mr and Mrs.Environmentalist

This is a story of environmentalism gone wrong. Here in Minnesota we have an area in the Northern part of the state called the Boundry Waters Canoe Area. It's an area known for it's tranquility,and beauty. It borders the Canadian/Minnesota border. It has the best fishing in the entire state,and gives people an opportunity to see wild animals that are not likely to be seen in other parts of the state. Moose,bear,bobcats,and a huge list of other common animals that can be seen in their natural habitat. There are no gas powered motors allowed in the BWCA. And you have to hike in from portages so no cars are allowed in the area either.A way to keep the water and air pure,and clean. And the water there truly is crystal clear. I would'nt even think twice about drinking water from there without boiling it. It is really that clean. Well in 1999 a windstorm blew down millions of trees. State officials wanted to have a logging company come in during the winter months when the water would be frozen,and take those fallen trees out of the area. When trees first fall there is no chance of fire because the wood is still wet,and hard to burn. But after it sits for a time the wood drys,and becomes easily burnable. That's just common sence. Everyone should know that. So it would have been a win/win situation for the state of Minnesota. The logging company would have had to pay the state to take the wood,and the fallen trees would not become a fire hazzard in the future. Well the environmentalist just about went nuts when the logging companys started giving bids to the state for the loggong rights. The logging companys were portrayed as evil,greedy big business who just wanted to slash and destroy the BWCA. And the environmentalists claimed the fallen trees would not become a fire hazzard....WHAT! Anyone who knows anything about wood knew they were wrong. And many of us said wait until we have a heatwave up there. Those trees will go up. Well last August due to a lighting strike a fire started and burned 1335 acres of woods with a fire fighting cost of $2.23 million dollars. Well this has been a dry hot past 30 days.and we now have another fire in the BWCA. So far it's only destroyed 30 acres of woods,and fire fighters have'nt been to worried about it spreading at a rapid rate due to the fact that now humidity has come up quite a bit and that should help slow the fire. However they are worried about the winds.Ranging anywhere from 15 to 30 miles an hour. That could kick it up at any time. Now the point is that if the environmentalist would have just shut their fat mouths and left it up to experts we would'nt be haveing these problems. I don't have a problem with environmentalists. As a matter of fact I think we need them. What we don't need are the ones who think they are smarter then professionals. They did'nt want these big logging trucks driving up there because it would have polluted the air with would have polluted the water when the vehicles would have driven across the frozen water. And it would have polluted air,and land with gas operted machinery to cut the trees. So what do you think would have hurt the land more. gas powered vehicles in the area for 3 to 6 months. Or 1400 acres destroyed by fire? Until next time I'm the Angry American!


Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

A similar thing happened out here in southern California a few years ago. Brush fires that could have been more controllable, if not for the environmental extremists. Fire fighters were also pissed about it, because policies were such that no one could clear away the dry deadwood. I think it cost some lives, too.

Apparently, the wooded acreage of the U.S. has been expanding for more than a decade.

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