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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Story of Saddam's Champion.

For those of you who have ever looked at my profile, in my interests section you may have noticed that it states that I was once involved in professional wrestling. I was involved with the minor leagues of professional wrestling here in Minnesota for about 3 years,and I loved it so much I can't put it into words. The biggest organization I ever worked for was called The World All Star Wrestling Alliance which was owned by Ken Patera. A former Olympic power lifter,and WWF intercontinental champion. When I first went to work for Ken he was in partnership with a man named Adnan Al-Kaissyand one of the very first in ring interviews I ever did was with Adnan,and the wrestler he was managing Wild Bill Irwin. I was very nervous,and Irwin was making me even more nervous by interrupting me,and poking me in the chest. He wasn't doing it to be a jackass, he was just doing it to get the crowd going,and to have a little fun with me. Adnan I'm sure could tell I was nervous,and when the interview was over he leaned into me,and said it's o.k, and gave me a little pat on the lower back. I had several conversations with Adnan that evening about the old days of wrestling,and he seemed like a very genuinely nice guy. That was the last chance I got to talk to him because he, and Patera split ways from a business stand point after that night, but I will always remember how nice he was to the new guy. This is Adnan's story one of triumph,and freedom. Adnan went to junior high with a young man named Saddam Hussien, they were not close friends, but did know one another, when High School rolled around they went to different High schools, but would run into each other from time to time. Adnan was very involved with sports, soccer, and amature wrestling while Saddam was already involved with the Baath party. After High School Adnan came to the united states and went to college,and continued his amature wrestling, when college finished he became a professional wrestler. The promoters felt that Adnan looked like a Native American, so they called him Billy White Wolf,and later paired him with Chief Jay Strongbow (who was actually an Italian named Joe Scarpa) They were extremely popular,and became the WWE (then called WWWF) tag team champions,and held those titles for about 10 months a fairly long title reign for a tag team. Adnan was injured (by future business partner Ken Patera),and they had to forfit the titles. After recovery Adnan as Billy White Wolf wrestled in Hawaii for a brief time,and then decided to go back to Iraq to visit his family. His former School mate Saddam Huessein was now the President of that country, and after appearing on television talking about wrestling, and America he was approached by government officials, and told the President would like to speak with him. Saddam greeted Adnan with a hug, and kiss. Then they talked about America, and wrestling for a while. Saddam then informed Adnan that he could not go back to America, and that he would wrestle there in Baghdad,and Adnan was also made the head of the sports authority for youth. Adnan basically set up a professional wrestling organization in Iraq, with Adnan as the heavyweight champion. They brought in top stars from all over the world, I have seen old wrestling footage of Adnan wrestling in Baghdad, and they had crowds there that were truly unbelievable there was literally 10's of thousands of people at these events. One of the most talked about stories of all time is when Adnan was scheduled to wrestle Andre the Giant in Baghdad. It was always a unspoken rule that Andre was not asked to lose, For one it just wouldn't be believable to have a guy 6 feet tall,and 280 pounds pin a guy who was 7 feet tall,and 400 pounds. And not only that,but Andre was incredibly powerful,and he didn't have to let anyone do what he didn't want them to do. So Andre was just not asked to lose by the promoters. I've heard several different versions of this story,but according to Adnan in a recent interview I just saw, they story went something like this. Andre was already in the ring, and when Adnan came down to the ring he shook hands with Saddam, and Saddam pulled him to the side,and said this man is a wimp, and Adnan agrees with him,because he knew enough to always agree with Saddam. Then Saddam pulled back his coat a bit to expose his solid gold pistol to Adnan, and tells him that I will empty every bullet into his head if he hurts you,and I will send him back to France in a wooden box. After getting into the ring Andre asked Adnan what did the president say to you, and Adnan said he says you are a wimp, and then as they wrestled Adnan informed Andre that Andre could not win the match or Saddam would kill him. It was a best 2 out of 3 falls match,and Andre lost 2 straight falls. Adnan was given a palace to live in, millions of dollars, cars you name it he was given it by Saddam. As it's been talked about many times Saddam was very paranoid about anyone who was looked at with fondness from the Iraqi public. He considered them a threat, and most ended up dead. So Adnan started to hear rumors that he was a marked man, because he had become to popular among the Iraqi people. Adnan's brother was a Judge in Saddam's court system,and he too had heard these rumors. His brother told him your family loves you, and you do what you want, but we think you should go. So in the middle of the night Saddam had his chauffeur drive him to Kuwait with one suitcase full of cloths, and he fled to America. He ended up in Minnesota working for Vern Gagne's American Wrestling Association as a manager Sheik Adan Al-Kaissie was one of the most hated people in the history of the A.W.A. He remained in the A.W.A for most of the rest of his career until 1991 when Sgt. Slaughter went to the WWE (Then the WWF) The American hero Slaughter had now turned his back on America, because he felt that they had grown to soft. Slaughter was got getting over with the fans the way the WWF had hoped so Adnan, an Iraqi was brought in as his manager during the height of the Gulf war. He was know known as General Adnan, and even resembled Saddam a bit with his military uniform. Adnan,and Slaughter were so hated by the fans that they received constant death threats against them. Slaughter won the WWF Heavyweight title, and then lost the title to Hulk Hogan at the following Wrestlemania, after his lose Adnan turned on Slaughter as a way for Slaughter to save face with the fans before he retired. Adnan never said a bad word about Saddam or wrote a book about his life while Saddam was in power, because he knew that Saddam would kill his family members still in Iraq if he did. It wasn't until Saddam's capture that Adnan started work on his recent book. I have not read the book yet, but I have read some excerpts, and seen a few interviews with Adnan since his book came out. His book is called "The Sheik of Baghdad" and it is truly a inspiration to us here in America about how someone who overcame a dictatorship to become a success on his own terms. In a recent interview Adnan said his dream is to travel back to Iraq to have his American family meet his Iraqi family. Until next time. The Angry American

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy belated holidays,and a look ahead to the New Year

I was without the Internet for a brief time so haven't been able to post. I was trying to save some money for our Christmas trip to Louisiana this year so I cut some corners here,and there. We drove to Louisiana again this time which I think I've made up my mind that I am never doing that again. 1300 miles each way,and lots of rain on the way home was enough to push me over the edge this time. It was nice to have the extra spending money while we were there since driving is about $600.00 cheaper then flying,but I don't think the extra money is worth it. I got some very cool pictures of the southern most part of the state while I was there. Lots of stuff still messed up from Katrina in that area which I'll share in one of my upcoming posts. Now about some current events going on. Of course my personal favorite the hanging of Saddam Hussein. We left Louisiana on Saturday morning,and I didn't even realize until late that night when we were in Missouri that he was hung that morning. Of course the conspiracy theory nuts have already started with the rants that his hanging was faked. What can you do with these people other then shake your head,and smile? The strange thing I can't figure out is that I've heard people who say we need to pull our troops out of Iraq because they are in a civil war are the same ones saying that the U.S. should have stopped the Saddam execution. Make up your mind,do you want us to interfere in their government or not? You can't have it both ways. It also seems like a sure thing that the minimum wage is going to be raised.Waitresses,and bartenders around the country are celebrating,but since the rest of the country makes more then minimum including McDonald's employees it doesn't seem to make much sense to me. But I'm sure that someone who started a small business,and hired high school kids at minimum wage won't mind raising his prices to pay his employees. As if it wasn't hard enough for small business to compete with corporate America we have to make it even harder. When I started working in 1986 minimum wage was $3.35 an hour,and in less then 20 years it will now be more then doubled. Which is far,far beyond an adjustment for inflation. This new raise is just much to big,and is really going to end up hurting a lot of small businesses. The minimum wage is not where someone who is say my age of 36 should be making. And if you are my age,and still make minimum wage maybe you need to look at your choices you've made in your life time. The minimum wage is for small businesses that hire high school kids,and for waitress and bartender jobs that offer tips. It is not a living wage,and I don't know one single person who works full time over the age of 25 who makes minimum wage. The whole minimum wage raise is just stupid, and is not going to do anything to help families or small business in this country. A new house speaker,and a house,and senate run by the democrats the next 2 years should be interesting. I'll leave that topic at that for now. The Angry American

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How can Cindy Sheehan still get press time,and this story doesn't?

I noticed on Yahoo today that Moonbat Queen Cindy Sheehan has made the news again when she went to court on a trespassing charge,blah,blah,blah...who cares. What I'm wondering is how is it that her stories continue to make the news,but when an American soldier is spit on in a airport by another American citizen it doesn't even get one frickin line? Some of you may have heard the story by now ,if you did I doubt you heard it by a major news source. I searched for the story on line,and only found around 3 actual news websites that carried the story. The rest is being done by conservative blogs. One of the few to carry the story is Mainly because it happened there. Here is what they had on their site.... Woman accused of spitting in soldier's face A Syracuse woman was charged after a Fort Drum soldier accused her of spitting on him without provocation at Hancock International Airport, Syracuse police said.Lauren Maggi, 35, of 256 Thurber St., was charged with second-degree harassment after the Nov. 22 incident, according to a police report.Jason Jones, 21, told police a woman he did not know walked up to him near the United Airlines ticket counter, asked him if he was a Fort Drum solider and, when he responded that he was, spat in his face.A second soldier on the scene supported Jones’ accusation, police said. Maggi offered no explanation for her conduct, police said. She could not be reached for comment tonight. I am so pissed that not one single major media outlet has done a story on this, they'll report that Brittany Spears let her vagina show,and that Nicole Richie got a DWI,but somehow some anti war liberal puke who spits in the face of someone who is willing to die for their country is not important. The whole line of I support the troops,but not the war is just a line of bullshit. Go to Yahoo answers,and see all the anti troop questions on there. Calling them war criminals,and baby killers. These are American citizens saying these things about our troops. Lets make an example of one of these people. Lauren Maggi's address is right there,don't do anything illegal,but tell her what you think of her,and if 10 or 20 pounds of cow manure happen to fall into a box with her address on it so be it. Now of course I wouldn't condone such a thing. I support the war protesters, but not the protest. Maybe it's time that those of us who do support the troops tell those like Maggi, or John Kerry that this type of treatment of American Soldiers is not acceptable. Sometimes we can't be nice guys,and we have to just out,and out be inconsiderate assholes. It seems that's the only thing that inconsiderate assholes understand is receiving the same treatment in return. I do apologize for my language in this post. I usually don't swear as much in my posts,but the fact is that I am pissed off that the media has no outrage about this,but I am still hearing about a drunken Mel Gibsons anti-jewish rant that he has appoligised for months ago,and I don't think there are any of us who can say that there isn't something that they reget they did or said in a drunken state. And I'm pissed of that they don't cover this story,but the cover every damn thing that happens in the life of Cindy Sheehan. If you think this post had a lot of swearing you should have seen it before I edited it. Until my next swear filled rant. The Angry American

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stabbleizing Iraq

It's been A long time since I posted last, for many reasons. Most of it is just have been feeling burnt out on to many levels. I have put a lot of thought to Iraq lately,and this is my opinion on what The U.S. Needs to do to stabilize Iraq. One try to get Saudi Arabia more involved with the new Iraqi government,by getting them more involved it may make Iran more leery of dealing with Iraq. Many parts of Iraq are very stable,but Baghdad is what we see on television every night,and that is what is the least stable right now. Every single road coming into Baghdad must be secured with the most extreme measure. Stop each,and every car going into Baghdad,and search each vehicle ,and individual that includes police vehicles. This will stop the flow of new explosives that may becoming into that area. Start offering rewards on Baghdad television for information. I'm sure there are many people who know about insurgent groups,but are not involved with them,and do not want to say anything about them out of fear,but the promise of cash,and a new beginning may loosen up their thoughts a little. Iraq has been compared to Vietnam many times. I've even heard people say that didn't Bush learn anything from Vietnam....we need to bring our troops home now. Which is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time. If Vietnam taught us anything I would hope it would be that we finish the job before we come home. We didn't finish the job in Korea or Vietnam, and years later we are still paying for it. We can not afford to do this with Iraq. Iran is sitting there like a vulture just waiting for us to pull out,so they can go in with a smile on their face,and an extended hand take over that country with economics,and then put the Khomeini's in power with a government overthrow. If we leave before Iraq is ready to take care of itself it will happen. Iraq's biggest need is to be able to take care of itself financially. If it can do that they will be allright,but in some places if security is a problem the financial system is shot. Look how our financial system got screwed up after 9-11. It took a god 9 months to a year before people started to feel comfortable with our financial system again. Imagine if we had attacks everyday what it would do. Well that about does it for me. Until next time I'm The Angry American

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Help be part of the biggest prank of all time

Most people who know me will tell you that I have been known to pull a prank or practical joke from time to time, if it's waking up someone with a soup kettle,and a soup spoon or if it's leaving goldfish in places that they normally shouldn't be I love the reaction that people have when you pull one on them. Just today I saw a great Idea for a prank that will only work if it's done by many people. I think we should all be involved with this, you won't be able to see the reaction from others, but it will give you a feeling of personal satisfaction . Here's how it works. Go to your local store,and buy the most religious Christmas card that you can find, on the inside of the card write a little note that is also very religous, or tell them that it's Merry Christmas. Not Happy Holidays now mail it to ACLU 125 Broad Street18th Floor New York, NY 10004. They will have to open each one because it could contain a check, so imagine if they now recieved an extra 200,000 cards at christmas time. Heck don't stop with one card, go to a dollar store,and buy a whole box for a dollar then mail them all It will only cost you around $10.00 to buy the cards,and mail them all. Isn't it worth it to stick it to an organization that has been fighting against Christmas for years? Pass this along,and get to mailing those cards! The Angry American

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What Bush must do in his last two years in office

I was never a big fan of Donald Rumsfeld, I always thought that Rumsfeld would have made a better Secretary of State while Colon Powell would have made a better defense secretary, but with Rumsfeld's resignation last week (some news sources are calling it a firing, but it was officially a resignation) Bush in my opinion is in a situation in which he can not back down from the Democrats. Just today Harry Reid said that troop withdrawl should begin in Iraq withen the next few months. And the Democrats will be taking power of Congress at the beginning of the year. Bush has got to take his comments directly to the American people. Anytime Bush is willing to speak in front of the Camera's they will be there to film it. He has got to hold a press conference everyday if needed. Right now they are still talking about bi-partisan b.s. but if they were really interested in that Reid would have said let's look at when we can get the troops home,not we want them home in the next few months. Come January they are gonna come at Bush hard,and unrelenting on Iraq, Bush must bring up past mistakes we made in history with Vietnam,and Korea,and not finishing the job, and the problems we now face because of it. He also needs to show,not talk about, but show the positive things going on in that country. The news doesn't care about new school books for Iraqi children,and they are not going to report that type of story so Bush has got to bring those stories to the people himself. And when Bush does the next budget,and the Democratic congress starts tearing it apart he has got to go on television with that budget in his hand,and show the American people what is going on . If he does not do this his approval rate will drop further, the media is going to paint the democrats as fighting back against Bush's bad economics plan,and his disasterous war in Iraq. The war in Iraq has been one of the most succesfull wars the U.S. has ever been in. More Americans are shot on the streets of California each year then what we are losing in Iraq. I can't think of a war we've been involved with in which more then three and a half years we've only lost 3000 soldiers. Now of course any is to many,but that is what happens in war. Bush must use the media against itself, and the media against the democrats. If he doesn't he's dead in the water. The Angry American

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Tribute to a veteran,and a great Republican

I was hoping to be able to make this post before midnight,but I didn't know If I would get home on time or not. There are three people in my life that I feel influenced me the most on my political beliefs. The first was my dad who now that I'm older leans much more towards the democrat end. The Second was my gradfather on my moms side,and the last was my Uncle France Moris, my mom's brother. Who was known to everyone as "Sonny". He served in the U.S. Army from 1961-1963, and I couldn't help but think of him on this day that we honor our veterans. It was a fairly sunny day this morning, but a cold November wind. Some parts of the state had snow today,but it was pretty nice where we were when we layed Uncle Sonny to rest this morning. He died in his sleep on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning from a hole in his aorta. He didn't believe in Doctor's, but if he would have had regular check ups it probably would have been caught,and he could have lived another 10 years. He thought he had the flu for the past week or so, but in reality his chest was filling with blood. He went to bed early on tuesday night because he didn't feel good,and never woke up. The only thing that brings me comfort is the fact that he always said I hope I die in my sleep. I don't want to be sick for years or be in a nursing home. He had survived colon cancer about 15 years ago,and had seemed to be in very good health. So his death came as a big shock to everyone. I thought alot about him the past few days,and what he meant to me. When I was younger I used to work on my grandpa's farm during the summer,and uncle Sonnys farm was just a few miles down the road. He tought me the right way to stack hay on a hay wagon (believe it or not there is a trick to it), and when hay season was over by god let's have some beers. My political views were strongly influenced by grandpa, and uncle Sonny during those summer months. They were both republican farmers in Minnesota, which in the 80's was about as common as a drunken Amish. In the 80's local farms around them were going belly up left and right,many of them were their friends and neighbors, but they stayed a float because they didn't go to the bank,and borrow $100,000 for a new tractor. They bought good conditioned used tractors without a loan,and then with hard work kept those tractors,and equiptment running. It seemed like they were always fixing on grandpa's haybailer, but it was still cheaper to fix it with your own hands then to buy a new one. Grandpa died 16 years ago,and if I'm not mistaken Uncle Sonny still has that same haybailer. They didn't want government handouts. They wanted to work hard to get ahead. Uncle Sonny also worked in town at 3M for 25 years. He was a headstrong republican, but never put down someone who felt differntly about politics, and would always hear someone else's side of the story, and then say yeah I guess that's true too,and would never put down their opinion. I don't think I ever remember him putting someone down. He once had a nieghbor named Kenny who had some obvious mental disabilities, and Uncle Sonny was his friend, I assume his only true friend. Kenny had some friends who took advantage of him over the years, but Uncle Sonny would say come on Kenny you can help us bail some hay, Kenny wasn't worth to much as a worker,but Uncle Sonny would give him a little money,and a hot meal at the end of the day,and all the pop he could drink. Some of the other local farmers would chase Kenny off when he wanted to help,but Uncle Sonny would try to give him a job he couldn't screw up,and couldn't get hurt, but it wasn't out of pitty, he truly liked Kenny. If I had to describe him in one word it would be PROUD. He was proud of what he had accomplished in his life, and he was proud of his children, and what they had accomplished, He was always talking about what this one was doing,and what that one was doing. His son in law meant as much to him as if he was his own son. and He was proud to have served his country,and looked at his days in the military with fond memories. He loved to talk about his granddaughter and his little buddy,and share stories about them with that distinctive smile,and a incredible laugh that just made you smile when you heard it. He was proud of his marriage of 41 years to my aunt Tootie his "Toots" I never once heard him say a bad word about his wife,and now that they were retired he was finally able to spend the time with her that he always wanted to. One thing that I will always reget is the fact that last weekend when I went up north to go deer hunting I was going to stop in at his farm on the way up,and I didn't because I was running a little behind. I was only 2 miles away from his house at one point,and I din't stop in to see him one last time. If I only knew I would never see him again I would have stopped to hear his laugh just one more time. He was my godfather, a veteran, a republican, a father, son, brother, father, farmer, grandpa, husband , and the Polka King of Moran Township, I'm sure that tonight all the radio's in heaven are turned to KASM, and he's teaching them how to polka. He's burried 20 feet from my grandparents,and I bet he's sitting at the table with them eating braunswiegert. I will never forget all the things he taught me about life,and how he influenced me, and I will never be able to look at veterans day the same way again without thinking of him. So Uncle Sonny thanks for what you taught me about life,and thanks for everything you did for the world while you were with us,and thanks for being a veteran.