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Sunday, November 12, 2006

What Bush must do in his last two years in office

I was never a big fan of Donald Rumsfeld, I always thought that Rumsfeld would have made a better Secretary of State while Colon Powell would have made a better defense secretary, but with Rumsfeld's resignation last week (some news sources are calling it a firing, but it was officially a resignation) Bush in my opinion is in a situation in which he can not back down from the Democrats. Just today Harry Reid said that troop withdrawl should begin in Iraq withen the next few months. And the Democrats will be taking power of Congress at the beginning of the year. Bush has got to take his comments directly to the American people. Anytime Bush is willing to speak in front of the Camera's they will be there to film it. He has got to hold a press conference everyday if needed. Right now they are still talking about bi-partisan b.s. but if they were really interested in that Reid would have said let's look at when we can get the troops home,not we want them home in the next few months. Come January they are gonna come at Bush hard,and unrelenting on Iraq, Bush must bring up past mistakes we made in history with Vietnam,and Korea,and not finishing the job, and the problems we now face because of it. He also needs to show,not talk about, but show the positive things going on in that country. The news doesn't care about new school books for Iraqi children,and they are not going to report that type of story so Bush has got to bring those stories to the people himself. And when Bush does the next budget,and the Democratic congress starts tearing it apart he has got to go on television with that budget in his hand,and show the American people what is going on . If he does not do this his approval rate will drop further, the media is going to paint the democrats as fighting back against Bush's bad economics plan,and his disasterous war in Iraq. The war in Iraq has been one of the most succesfull wars the U.S. has ever been in. More Americans are shot on the streets of California each year then what we are losing in Iraq. I can't think of a war we've been involved with in which more then three and a half years we've only lost 3000 soldiers. Now of course any is to many,but that is what happens in war. Bush must use the media against itself, and the media against the democrats. If he doesn't he's dead in the water. The Angry American


Blogger Miskaj said...

Yes if Americans would STOP and THINK "WHY" are the "TERRORISTS" so glad that the DEMS won and that RUMSFIELS is OUT?! Makes ya wonder whose side we are on!? A really good site and so glad I dropped by! Thanks for sharing with me! I am so glad there are people like you around! Well, you stay safe and be blessed and I pray all will be well with you always. In HIS love, Katie

5:10 AM  
Blogger The Angry American said...

Thanks for stopping by!

5:09 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I would suggest to our President to keep his "Veto" pen handy for the next 2 years!

As for Rummy, he will be missed, he is a Patriot, and he had one of the toughest jobs of all time in my opinion. Transforming the Military ALL branches into a leaner meaner fighting machine, with more Special Forces ready to go at a moment's notice to hot spot's all over the world, transforming them out of the Cold War Mentality and into the new Mentality of the more deadly threat we face today sure has been no easy task.

But I believe after being the left's punching bag for the last 3 years, he wanted to just go home, and who at this point could blame him?

I will NEVER forget the pictures of Rummy pulling people out of the Pentagon on 9-11.

12:44 PM  
Blogger The Angry American said...

I agrre he's had one of the toughest jobs in the history of Washington

1:46 PM  

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