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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I'd be smiling to if I committed treason against my country and only got sentenced to 28 months in prison. I heard part of the story on the news tonight so I looked on the web for some more of this story. Here's a link to the Yahoo story. This sad pathetic excuse for a human waste of flesh named Lynn Stewart was the lawyer Omar Abdel-Rahman. The blind sheik who was a major player in the first World Trade Center Bombing as well as the plan to destroy five other buildings in New York. Now I don't care that she defended him, but after he was imprissioned she released a statement for him to members of his organization. The Yahoo story leaves out much of the important information. They make it sound as if she just released a statement to the media. This statement that was released was funneled thro several people who then gave it to his organization, and it is also several messages not just one. Prosecuting attorneys asked for a sentence of 30 years the judge gave her 28 months because she has always been a upstanding member of society, and was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her lawyers argued she would die in prison. GOOD! Let her ass rot in prison! Instead she got 28 months, and can stay out of jail while she appeals her case. So basically she will never serve a day in jail for conspiring with terrorists. Talk about a travesty in justice. I've always been an upstanding member of society. What do you think would happen if I did that? I'd be in jail for 30 years that's what. This treasonous peace of shit belongs in prison! She doesn't even have the courage to admit any wrong in this case. If she would have said hey you know what I thought those messages were for his family members, and I was duped by the whole thing, but she didn't because she knew what they were for, and she never admitted any wrong for it. Judge John G. Koeltl was pressured from outside groups, and didn't have the guts to do the right thing. Here is a link to a couple sites that are defending this traitor. I'm sure if we ever catch Osama Bin Laden these same people will take up a collection for him as well. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention. Guess who donated $20,000 to her defense fund? Another American trader Mr. George Soros. Talk about a match made in hell. Until next time The Angry American


Blogger Mike's America said...

A firing squad would be too good for this traitor.

9:37 AM  

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