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Friday, October 06, 2006

DEFICIT DROPS! Why is this not a major news story?

Just today as I went to my Yahoo home page I noticed a story that caught my eye. Mainly because it's a major story, and secondly because it is not being talked about in the mainstream media. Here a link to the story if you want to read the whole thing The record deficit occurred in 2004 for a total of $413 billion, and dropped last year to $318 Billion,and has dropped this year to $250 billion. If you look at the past 6 years of the Bush administration it is very easy to see why such a huge deficit occurred. First we had a huge financial lose when 9-11 happened many of the large New York banks were knocked out of commission for a brief time. Then we invaded two countries, if you look at a history of military spending you'll see that during the Clinton administration the military had record budget cuts, many experienced military officers were forced into early retirement so we could save more money it was better to pay a retirement for someone who retired after 15 years then wait until they were in for 20. So when we went into Afghanistan, and Iraq we now had to fill those huge gaps where money had been taken from. The fact is we didn't have the tanks, planes, jeeps, and other equiptment we once had because of these previous cuts, and we now had to get the money to pay for this equiptment we needed in a time of war. So this huge deficit was born, now with tax cuts we as Americans have spent more which means less lay-offs, and lower unemployment, and it has slowly knocked down some of this deficit, Also tax receipts are up 12% this year for a total of $253 billion which is proof that tax cuts put more money in peoples pockets,and if people have more money in their pocket they will spend it which brings up tax receipts, but of course the Democrats are stll not happy about it. Though today's estimates for 2006 are not as pessimistic as some earlier estimates, it is clear that the budget remains on the wrong track," said top budget panel Democrat John Spratt Jr. of South Carolina. "The Congressional Budget Office and even the Bush administration are estimating that deficits will be even larger next year" The wrong track? Unemployment is at 4.6 %, The Dow Jones hit all time record highs this past week. Small business as well as corporate tax profits are both up, what else does this stupid bastard want done? Now I will admit the deficit needs to come down more, and it will if we stay on the same track. We also need to start worrying about social security, Bush tried to do something with it, It may have not been the right idea I don't know for sure,but the difference he came up with something. The Democrats have never came up with a plan to do anything about the looming Social Security problem, well except for let's just ignore it until it goes away, which I wouldn't say is much of a plan. Now of course the Mark Foley story is important , but isn't the fact that the deficit is coming down, and the economy is in great shape a major story? I bet if the deficit would have jumped $68 billion instead of coming down we would hear more about it. Instead the media would rather report stories that belong in the National Enquirer. So regardless of what the media, and the democrats say we in America we are still strong, and the economy is rebounding, and booming, and once again the democrats can't stand the fact that America is strong, and just can't find one damn thing positive to say about our country. The Angry American


Blogger Pennsylvania Independent said...

The deficit gap is closing, the economy will stay strong as long as oil keeps coming down in price. The national debt however is a different story. You cannot cut taxes without some type of budget cuts or compromise.

6:53 PM  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

The economy is smoking. Go to and look for Michael Medved soundclips from his radio program. He's great at talking up the good news on the economy, and taking on disagreeing callers.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

Simply because the Libs in the media cannot stand letting the Republicans have any credit for doing something right. Focus on the negative is their strategy. It's all about the mid-term elections and dirty politics along with the quest of getting power back into the Democrat's hands.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Because the Liberal News Media refuses to give Bush any credit for the Economy!

And President Bush touts it somewhat in his speeches but doesnt give it nearly enough attention.

Every time I post about the economy I notice the Liberals never comment, but when it's something about them they are all over me.

Keep posting about it, even though people arent commenting about it, they are still reading it. It got real quiet around my blog lately too because I didnt have enough time to hardly post anything last week, let alone reply.

I have this funny feeling the Democrats are a little bit to sure of themselves and are all singing KumBaya a little to early :-)

8:18 PM  
Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Marie's a lib-magnet. She can post about almost anything and her moonbats go into Huffington hysterics and DU attack mode.

12:58 PM  
Blogger The Angry American said...

lol yes I agree she has an interesting moonbat battle going on over there.

1:21 AM  

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