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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My prediction outcomes

Well according to all polls here in Minnesota Pawlenty, Bachmann,and Kennedy were all picked to lose. My predictions based on the number of political signs around the state seemed much closer then the polls conducted. First My prediction on the Pawlenty/Hatch race was off by 10%, and the polls were off by 6%, but I did pick the correct winner the polls did not. Next was the Kennedy/ Klobuchar race I did agree with the polls that Kennedy would lose,but they were closer on their percentage they said about 20% I said 12% it was closer to 20% so the polls beat me on that one,but I did pick it right . Next was the Bachmann/ Wetterling race in which up until 2 days before the race wetterling was picked by 10% then the polls switched it to Bachmann 2 days before the election to Bachmann by 2%. I picked Bachmann by 9%, and she won by 8%. So that's three for me,and one for the pollsters. Not to bad for a Polack. It was interesting to see that here in Minnesota there were many Republicans were able to beat the Dems in local races. That to me is a big surprise considering that Minnesota is very,very liberal. Heck we even picked Jimmy Carter against Reagan, but it does seem to me that it has started to change over the past decade and slowly we are becoming more conservative, especialy in rural areas. The most shocking race in Minnesota was The fact that state senator,and senate majority leader Dean Johnson who had been in power since 1982 was voted out of office. Johnson started his carrer as a Republican, but switched to the DFL in 1998,but remained very popular in his area even after his party switch, but last summer was involved in a situation in which Johnson told fellow clergy (Johnson is a Lutheran minister) that he was told by a member of the Minnesota Supreme court that they would not overturn a Minnesota statute defining a marriage as one man,and one woman. His conversation was recorded by one of the fellow clergy members,and when the tape surfaced the members of the supreme court denied it happened,and Johnson under an ethics investigation apologized for embellishing the story. There was also some double talk on his stance on abortion. Johnson only lost by I believe 2%,but even a month ago it seemed as he was unbeatable due to his popularity in his area. It was one of those situations in which Johnson defeated himself. Well that's it for me for now. Until next time. The Angry American


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