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I'm married with one step daughter. We have one dog a Chihuahua/Terrier mix,and we have 2 ferrets. Who have total control of the basement.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My busy time of the year. Politics, Procrastination,and more

I have not written as much as I'd like lately, and probably won't be posting as much as I'd like for a while since this seems to be my busy time of the year. I recently finished my wife's kitchen hutch which I did some on it earlier in the year, but couldn't procrastinate any longer
since I want to park my car in the garage this winter, I also need to clean some more things out of the garage before the snow flies. My wife's hutch was very time consuming. I put an antique finish on it. So first I had to strip the old finish off of it, then white wash the entire hutch, next I had to sand down the edges and other high spots to bare wood. Then I had to put stain over the entire hutch to give the bare wood spots an aged look. My guess is the entire process took about 60 to 70 hours. Were also trying to get ready for Halloween around here which for us is a big holiday. Both my wife,and myself go all out for Halloween, It will take me at least 5 to 6 hours just to set up the yard for one day. Lots of very cool stuff. It's fun to watch a kid who's about 3 come right up,and get candy,but their 10 year old sibling is to scared to walk up the sidewalk. I also do extravagant pumpkin carvings I will carve 6 pumpkins this year which will take probably about an hour per pumpkin. Then when Halloween is over I have to start getting ready for deer hunting, I still haven't went out to the rifle range to check, and see if my scope is on or not, and I only have a few weeks left to so. I also volunteered for the re-elect Pawlenty for Governor campaign,and got a call today to do some stuff for them, so maybe after the election I will have a little time to breath before Christmas. If I still drank I'd go get a stiff drunk on right about now. Oh yeah were also getting our house switched from fuses to breakers, and sometime before Christmas I want to build a room in the basement for the ferrets to live in rather then letting them run around the whole basement. They're a curious little animal, and can get into just about anything, and love to play all day long, so they need a little bit more of a controlled environment for themselves to keep them out of trouble. By the way did you hear the world will be out of natural resources by the year 2050. Yep according to the World Wildlife Fund we'll all be dead by 2050 so I plan on getting a second,and third mortgage on my house,and racking up my credit cards because we'll all be dead soon. So stop driving your cars,and eating food damn it! You're killing the planet with your cars, and fish eating. Until next time (whenever that may be) The Angry American


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