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Monday, November 06, 2006

Get off your ass,and vote! And my predictions for the election

I just got home from the first weekend of deer hunting. (I got one,but it's not worth bragging about) I will probably go back next weekend to help the rest of the party,and do some butchering of whatever has been shot. I've been reminding everybody I know (except democrats) to make sure and vote. Just kidding about not wanting democrats to vote. I don't want to hear any excuses if they loose. I also watched the political signs on my way up to the deer hunting cabin to watch for trends in how votes will go in different areas. When Jesse Ventura ran for Governor I predicted he would win a week before the election based entirely on the number of political signs for him across the state that I had seen over the month before the election. Ventura did not have a big campaign budget, so most of the signs you saw supporting him were homemade signs people made themselves, the polls said Ventura would get smoked by at least 25%. I told my roommate at the time that before the election if Ventura was still 25% below in the Twin Cities areas he could still win the state by getting 70% of the rest of the states votes,well the polls were even wrong about the Twin Cities, Ventura won most of that area as well. Here are my predictions for this years Minnesota elections,and why I predict them this way. Give me 3% either direction. First the biggest is the Governors race with incumbent Republican Tim Pawlenty against Attorney General Democrat Mike Hatch, and independence party cadidate Peter Hutchinson.Polls have Hatch leading by 5%. I say Pawlenty by 11%. Again I am going by the number of political signs ,and also the fact that Hatch has dropped the ball on two occasions over the past week. First his running mate,the person who is going to be the second in command,and could take over if something would happen to Hatch was asked about E-85 which is 85% ethanol 15% gas,and is big business here in Minnesota,had no clue about what E-85 was. This to me is just complete ignorance! The fact that someone in Minnesota doesn't even know what E-85 is is like asking someone if the know what milk tastes like,and they say Milk? What's Milk? Then when Hatch was asked about it by a reporter he called the reporter a Republican whore,and just a few days earlier called the owner of a local television station a republican hack in a phone conversation. Many people remember Ventura's feud's with the media,and don't want to go thru that again. Next is the U.S. Senate seat that was given up by Mark Dayton. It has Republican Mark Kennedy against Democrat Amy Klobuchar. Polls are saying Klobachar by 20%. To be honest I don't care much for Kennedy, but I think Klobuchar will be a complete disaster as a senator, and as much as I hate to say it I think she will beat Kennedy, but I think it will be about 12%. Next is Republican Michele Bachmann against Democrat Patty Wetterling for U.S. Congress. Wetterling ran for office two years ago,and lost,but I voted for her at that time. She ran a completely clean campaign,and never ran one smear ad. Her husband used to be my chiropractor at one time,and they really seem like nice people,they are known well in Minnesota due to the fact that their son Jacob was abducted by gunpoint while riding his bike home from the convenience store,and has never been found,but unlike two years ago Patty Wetterling has now become a politician,she is doing what she's told to do by the Democratic party,and she's not herself. She's running a terrible smear campaign,and also in my opinion is using the disappearance of her son to get elected ,by using the whole Mark Foley situation in her early ads. Which I found pretty disgusting to use her child's disappearance almost 20 years ago to compare Bachmann as a republican to Foley. Also about 3 weeks ago Bachmann was at a church service in which the minister said he gave her the churches endorsement,which of course is a big no-no,but at the same time a paid member of the Wetterling campaign was trying to volunteer for the Bachmann campaign,and was asking about an ad that was not yet released by the Bachmann campaign, Well guess which story made bigger headlines? You guessed it the religious one. Now here's where the polls really have been messed up. At this time last week polls were saying Wetterling by over 10% now they're saying Bachmann by 2-3%. Which tells me that Bachmann is doing much better then they wanted to admit,and now they have to cover themselves in case she wins. I am going with Bachmann by 9%. Check back to see how close I was when all the votes are in,and either way make sure you stop,and vote. A non-vote is just as good as a vote for impeachment of Bush, because that is what will happen if the Democrats take control. The Angry American


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