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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Help be part of the biggest prank of all time

Most people who know me will tell you that I have been known to pull a prank or practical joke from time to time, if it's waking up someone with a soup kettle,and a soup spoon or if it's leaving goldfish in places that they normally shouldn't be I love the reaction that people have when you pull one on them. Just today I saw a great Idea for a prank that will only work if it's done by many people. I think we should all be involved with this, you won't be able to see the reaction from others, but it will give you a feeling of personal satisfaction . Here's how it works. Go to your local store,and buy the most religious Christmas card that you can find, on the inside of the card write a little note that is also very religous, or tell them that it's Merry Christmas. Not Happy Holidays now mail it to ACLU 125 Broad Street18th Floor New York, NY 10004. They will have to open each one because it could contain a check, so imagine if they now recieved an extra 200,000 cards at christmas time. Heck don't stop with one card, go to a dollar store,and buy a whole box for a dollar then mail them all It will only cost you around $10.00 to buy the cards,and mail them all. Isn't it worth it to stick it to an organization that has been fighting against Christmas for years? Pass this along,and get to mailing those cards! The Angry American

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What Bush must do in his last two years in office

I was never a big fan of Donald Rumsfeld, I always thought that Rumsfeld would have made a better Secretary of State while Colon Powell would have made a better defense secretary, but with Rumsfeld's resignation last week (some news sources are calling it a firing, but it was officially a resignation) Bush in my opinion is in a situation in which he can not back down from the Democrats. Just today Harry Reid said that troop withdrawl should begin in Iraq withen the next few months. And the Democrats will be taking power of Congress at the beginning of the year. Bush has got to take his comments directly to the American people. Anytime Bush is willing to speak in front of the Camera's they will be there to film it. He has got to hold a press conference everyday if needed. Right now they are still talking about bi-partisan b.s. but if they were really interested in that Reid would have said let's look at when we can get the troops home,not we want them home in the next few months. Come January they are gonna come at Bush hard,and unrelenting on Iraq, Bush must bring up past mistakes we made in history with Vietnam,and Korea,and not finishing the job, and the problems we now face because of it. He also needs to show,not talk about, but show the positive things going on in that country. The news doesn't care about new school books for Iraqi children,and they are not going to report that type of story so Bush has got to bring those stories to the people himself. And when Bush does the next budget,and the Democratic congress starts tearing it apart he has got to go on television with that budget in his hand,and show the American people what is going on . If he does not do this his approval rate will drop further, the media is going to paint the democrats as fighting back against Bush's bad economics plan,and his disasterous war in Iraq. The war in Iraq has been one of the most succesfull wars the U.S. has ever been in. More Americans are shot on the streets of California each year then what we are losing in Iraq. I can't think of a war we've been involved with in which more then three and a half years we've only lost 3000 soldiers. Now of course any is to many,but that is what happens in war. Bush must use the media against itself, and the media against the democrats. If he doesn't he's dead in the water. The Angry American

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Tribute to a veteran,and a great Republican

I was hoping to be able to make this post before midnight,but I didn't know If I would get home on time or not. There are three people in my life that I feel influenced me the most on my political beliefs. The first was my dad who now that I'm older leans much more towards the democrat end. The Second was my gradfather on my moms side,and the last was my Uncle France Moris, my mom's brother. Who was known to everyone as "Sonny". He served in the U.S. Army from 1961-1963, and I couldn't help but think of him on this day that we honor our veterans. It was a fairly sunny day this morning, but a cold November wind. Some parts of the state had snow today,but it was pretty nice where we were when we layed Uncle Sonny to rest this morning. He died in his sleep on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning from a hole in his aorta. He didn't believe in Doctor's, but if he would have had regular check ups it probably would have been caught,and he could have lived another 10 years. He thought he had the flu for the past week or so, but in reality his chest was filling with blood. He went to bed early on tuesday night because he didn't feel good,and never woke up. The only thing that brings me comfort is the fact that he always said I hope I die in my sleep. I don't want to be sick for years or be in a nursing home. He had survived colon cancer about 15 years ago,and had seemed to be in very good health. So his death came as a big shock to everyone. I thought alot about him the past few days,and what he meant to me. When I was younger I used to work on my grandpa's farm during the summer,and uncle Sonnys farm was just a few miles down the road. He tought me the right way to stack hay on a hay wagon (believe it or not there is a trick to it), and when hay season was over by god let's have some beers. My political views were strongly influenced by grandpa, and uncle Sonny during those summer months. They were both republican farmers in Minnesota, which in the 80's was about as common as a drunken Amish. In the 80's local farms around them were going belly up left and right,many of them were their friends and neighbors, but they stayed a float because they didn't go to the bank,and borrow $100,000 for a new tractor. They bought good conditioned used tractors without a loan,and then with hard work kept those tractors,and equiptment running. It seemed like they were always fixing on grandpa's haybailer, but it was still cheaper to fix it with your own hands then to buy a new one. Grandpa died 16 years ago,and if I'm not mistaken Uncle Sonny still has that same haybailer. They didn't want government handouts. They wanted to work hard to get ahead. Uncle Sonny also worked in town at 3M for 25 years. He was a headstrong republican, but never put down someone who felt differntly about politics, and would always hear someone else's side of the story, and then say yeah I guess that's true too,and would never put down their opinion. I don't think I ever remember him putting someone down. He once had a nieghbor named Kenny who had some obvious mental disabilities, and Uncle Sonny was his friend, I assume his only true friend. Kenny had some friends who took advantage of him over the years, but Uncle Sonny would say come on Kenny you can help us bail some hay, Kenny wasn't worth to much as a worker,but Uncle Sonny would give him a little money,and a hot meal at the end of the day,and all the pop he could drink. Some of the other local farmers would chase Kenny off when he wanted to help,but Uncle Sonny would try to give him a job he couldn't screw up,and couldn't get hurt, but it wasn't out of pitty, he truly liked Kenny. If I had to describe him in one word it would be PROUD. He was proud of what he had accomplished in his life, and he was proud of his children, and what they had accomplished, He was always talking about what this one was doing,and what that one was doing. His son in law meant as much to him as if he was his own son. and He was proud to have served his country,and looked at his days in the military with fond memories. He loved to talk about his granddaughter and his little buddy,and share stories about them with that distinctive smile,and a incredible laugh that just made you smile when you heard it. He was proud of his marriage of 41 years to my aunt Tootie his "Toots" I never once heard him say a bad word about his wife,and now that they were retired he was finally able to spend the time with her that he always wanted to. One thing that I will always reget is the fact that last weekend when I went up north to go deer hunting I was going to stop in at his farm on the way up,and I didn't because I was running a little behind. I was only 2 miles away from his house at one point,and I din't stop in to see him one last time. If I only knew I would never see him again I would have stopped to hear his laugh just one more time. He was my godfather, a veteran, a republican, a father, son, brother, father, farmer, grandpa, husband , and the Polka King of Moran Township, I'm sure that tonight all the radio's in heaven are turned to KASM, and he's teaching them how to polka. He's burried 20 feet from my grandparents,and I bet he's sitting at the table with them eating braunswiegert. I will never forget all the things he taught me about life,and how he influenced me, and I will never be able to look at veterans day the same way again without thinking of him. So Uncle Sonny thanks for what you taught me about life,and thanks for everything you did for the world while you were with us,and thanks for being a veteran.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My prediction outcomes

Well according to all polls here in Minnesota Pawlenty, Bachmann,and Kennedy were all picked to lose. My predictions based on the number of political signs around the state seemed much closer then the polls conducted. First My prediction on the Pawlenty/Hatch race was off by 10%, and the polls were off by 6%, but I did pick the correct winner the polls did not. Next was the Kennedy/ Klobuchar race I did agree with the polls that Kennedy would lose,but they were closer on their percentage they said about 20% I said 12% it was closer to 20% so the polls beat me on that one,but I did pick it right . Next was the Bachmann/ Wetterling race in which up until 2 days before the race wetterling was picked by 10% then the polls switched it to Bachmann 2 days before the election to Bachmann by 2%. I picked Bachmann by 9%, and she won by 8%. So that's three for me,and one for the pollsters. Not to bad for a Polack. It was interesting to see that here in Minnesota there were many Republicans were able to beat the Dems in local races. That to me is a big surprise considering that Minnesota is very,very liberal. Heck we even picked Jimmy Carter against Reagan, but it does seem to me that it has started to change over the past decade and slowly we are becoming more conservative, especialy in rural areas. The most shocking race in Minnesota was The fact that state senator,and senate majority leader Dean Johnson who had been in power since 1982 was voted out of office. Johnson started his carrer as a Republican, but switched to the DFL in 1998,but remained very popular in his area even after his party switch, but last summer was involved in a situation in which Johnson told fellow clergy (Johnson is a Lutheran minister) that he was told by a member of the Minnesota Supreme court that they would not overturn a Minnesota statute defining a marriage as one man,and one woman. His conversation was recorded by one of the fellow clergy members,and when the tape surfaced the members of the supreme court denied it happened,and Johnson under an ethics investigation apologized for embellishing the story. There was also some double talk on his stance on abortion. Johnson only lost by I believe 2%,but even a month ago it seemed as he was unbeatable due to his popularity in his area. It was one of those situations in which Johnson defeated himself. Well that's it for me for now. Until next time. The Angry American

Still not a complete win for Pawlenty so I won't call it yet, but looks like the Democrats took huge numbers nation wide. Which really shouldn't be much of a surprise to be honest. History has shown time, and time again that whichever party is in power with their President also in power will lose it during midterms,but we can always hope, and fight to remain in power. There is always a rebellion withen the swing voters, and independents. The next few months will be very interesting, right now everyone is talking about bi-partisan, and let's all join hands and sing, but withen the next 6 weeks the sh#t will hit the fan, mark my words. I am actually glad to see one Democrat win. I love the fact that they tried to make an example of Lieberman for daring to go against the grain,and support the war in Iraq,and then they told him that if you didn't get the nomination you shouldn't run for re-election, but he came back and won. Now by no means am I a Lieberman fan,but he did prove that the republicans losing had nothing to do with the war in Iraq.
And I love this picture of his acceptence speech where it looks like he's yelling "pound it up your ass". Well more tommorow, and the outcome of my predictions. The Angry American

Monday, November 06, 2006

Get off your ass,and vote! And my predictions for the election

I just got home from the first weekend of deer hunting. (I got one,but it's not worth bragging about) I will probably go back next weekend to help the rest of the party,and do some butchering of whatever has been shot. I've been reminding everybody I know (except democrats) to make sure and vote. Just kidding about not wanting democrats to vote. I don't want to hear any excuses if they loose. I also watched the political signs on my way up to the deer hunting cabin to watch for trends in how votes will go in different areas. When Jesse Ventura ran for Governor I predicted he would win a week before the election based entirely on the number of political signs for him across the state that I had seen over the month before the election. Ventura did not have a big campaign budget, so most of the signs you saw supporting him were homemade signs people made themselves, the polls said Ventura would get smoked by at least 25%. I told my roommate at the time that before the election if Ventura was still 25% below in the Twin Cities areas he could still win the state by getting 70% of the rest of the states votes,well the polls were even wrong about the Twin Cities, Ventura won most of that area as well. Here are my predictions for this years Minnesota elections,and why I predict them this way. Give me 3% either direction. First the biggest is the Governors race with incumbent Republican Tim Pawlenty against Attorney General Democrat Mike Hatch, and independence party cadidate Peter Hutchinson.Polls have Hatch leading by 5%. I say Pawlenty by 11%. Again I am going by the number of political signs ,and also the fact that Hatch has dropped the ball on two occasions over the past week. First his running mate,the person who is going to be the second in command,and could take over if something would happen to Hatch was asked about E-85 which is 85% ethanol 15% gas,and is big business here in Minnesota,had no clue about what E-85 was. This to me is just complete ignorance! The fact that someone in Minnesota doesn't even know what E-85 is is like asking someone if the know what milk tastes like,and they say Milk? What's Milk? Then when Hatch was asked about it by a reporter he called the reporter a Republican whore,and just a few days earlier called the owner of a local television station a republican hack in a phone conversation. Many people remember Ventura's feud's with the media,and don't want to go thru that again. Next is the U.S. Senate seat that was given up by Mark Dayton. It has Republican Mark Kennedy against Democrat Amy Klobuchar. Polls are saying Klobachar by 20%. To be honest I don't care much for Kennedy, but I think Klobuchar will be a complete disaster as a senator, and as much as I hate to say it I think she will beat Kennedy, but I think it will be about 12%. Next is Republican Michele Bachmann against Democrat Patty Wetterling for U.S. Congress. Wetterling ran for office two years ago,and lost,but I voted for her at that time. She ran a completely clean campaign,and never ran one smear ad. Her husband used to be my chiropractor at one time,and they really seem like nice people,they are known well in Minnesota due to the fact that their son Jacob was abducted by gunpoint while riding his bike home from the convenience store,and has never been found,but unlike two years ago Patty Wetterling has now become a politician,she is doing what she's told to do by the Democratic party,and she's not herself. She's running a terrible smear campaign,and also in my opinion is using the disappearance of her son to get elected ,by using the whole Mark Foley situation in her early ads. Which I found pretty disgusting to use her child's disappearance almost 20 years ago to compare Bachmann as a republican to Foley. Also about 3 weeks ago Bachmann was at a church service in which the minister said he gave her the churches endorsement,which of course is a big no-no,but at the same time a paid member of the Wetterling campaign was trying to volunteer for the Bachmann campaign,and was asking about an ad that was not yet released by the Bachmann campaign, Well guess which story made bigger headlines? You guessed it the religious one. Now here's where the polls really have been messed up. At this time last week polls were saying Wetterling by over 10% now they're saying Bachmann by 2-3%. Which tells me that Bachmann is doing much better then they wanted to admit,and now they have to cover themselves in case she wins. I am going with Bachmann by 9%. Check back to see how close I was when all the votes are in,and either way make sure you stop,and vote. A non-vote is just as good as a vote for impeachment of Bush, because that is what will happen if the Democrats take control. The Angry American