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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Today I am going to tackle,and give my opinion on the hottest topic around today it seems...GAY MARRIAGE. So if you are one to get offended by things easily leave now. Also keep in mind that these are my opinions,and I have the right to express them just like anyone else in this country does. Now as a republican I am labled a homophobe before I even state my opinion. And also I know some republicans who think I can't be a republican if I feel the way I do. The biggest question is should marriage be strictly between one man,and one woman? Well I agree with that. However on the other side of the coin there was a time in this country when interacial marriage was illegal in many parts of this country. That time was'nt really all that long ago either. People felt that mixing the races was an abomination to god. (Sound familar) Now I will agree it says in the bible that gay relations are forbiden. Now I'm not a expert on the bible. But the places I find things pertaing to homosexual relations is in Leviticus 20:13 " 'If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads"and Leviticus 18:22 "'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable".But do we follow the letter of the law when it comes to the bible? Here's what it says in Leviticus 19:27 " 'Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard" Leviticus 19:28 " 'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. " In Leviticus 11 there are many references to unclean animals that we shold not eat for they are unclean. Including Rabbit,Pig, any animal that lives in the sea that does not have fins or scales Which is a lot of seafood. So my point is if we ignore these other messages in the bible, why are we so adament that we do not allow gay marriage? I mean if your only argument on gay marriage is the bible then it's pretty hypocriticle to not follow the other parts. I've also heard the argumant that gays choose that lifestyle,and if they want to get married they should change there lifestyle. Now I want you to ask yourself a question. Do you know anyone who was a heterosexual who changed there minds,and starting living as a homosexual? I don't. However I have two cousins who are gay,and I knew from the time they were little kids that they were gay. They just never carried themselves as someone who was heterosexual. Maybe that sounds like a bigoted thing to say,but I was right on my estimation. My one cousin is a about 5 years older then me,and I remember as a little kid knowing that he was gay. So when he came out of the closet,and my mom told me I was like yeah no kidding. I have never seen one piece of evidence that homosexuality is something that is chosen. Think about it why would someone CHOOSE to be a social outcast who may have their entire family turn their back on them? Now it may sound like I support Gay marriage. But I do believe that marriage should be between one man,and one woman. However I think it should be left up to each state. Not a state supreme court decision,but a vote by the people of each state. You don't hear about people being arrested for poligamy in Utah,and we all know it's allowed in certain parts of the state. And the poligamists in that state are people who are very religous. So who are we to say that gay marriage is an abomination, and is a sin against god when we allow poligamy? So in closing I will say this. I believe that marriage is a sanctuary between one man,and one woman,but it's not my place to judge anyone. So it should be left up to the people of each state to decide what they want for their community. Not left up two a few lawyers, and judges who can be influenced by outside forces to decide what's best for everyone else. And I also don't think anyone opposed to gay marriage is a hate monger. They are just someone who feels strongly either because of religous or strong personal feelings that marriage is defined by "one man and one woman" To me this is one of those subjects where both sides are right. That's all I have. I'm The Angry American. (now let the hate mail begin)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Your just an actor so shut the hell up!

It seems everytime I click on the news I have to watch some celebrity complain about their country. Or give their two cents about a conspiracy theory. George Clooney who I think is a great actor has decided that rather then put out good films he'll just put out political garbage. Everyone made a big deal about the fact that he was nominated in so many categories at the Oscars this year. So lets take a look at both of his films this year. First there was Good Night,and Good luck. Directed by,and co-written,and co-starring Clooney. It's about Edward R Murrow battling evil republican senator Joseph McCarthy. Sounds like a good story.....if it would have been more fact based it probobly would have been. We've all heard about McCarthyism,and how he was paranoid about the communist threat. What we seldom hear about is that years later when files were unsealed 98% of all government employees who were questioned about having communist ties. DID have communist ties. And many of them actually sold secrets to the Soviet Government. Not every single government employee was questioned. Just those who it was thought had communist ties. And the film also paints Murrow out to be a fighter who brought down the Evil McCarthy. In reality McCarthy was pretty much destroyed by the time Murrow picked up on the story. And most media outlets had quit following the McCarthy story. Murrow just put the final nail in the coffin. Next there was Syriana. About a C.I.A. Agent who becomes disgusted with the U.S. relations with the Arab countries. Clooney was nominated for best actor. There are many points about how "big oil" is the evil entity behind it all. Clooney was praised for these two films as master pieces, and the media pilled praise on him for being so brave to tackle these topics. Do you know what the media,and Hollywood never mentions about these two films,and what they both have in common? They both BOMBED in the theaters. Good Night,and Good Luck did have moderate success,and will probably make a profit when it get's on video,and dvd. But Syriana did'nt even stay in the theaters for more then a couple months And I doubt will even turn a profit when it hits the video market. So Mr.Clooney if you want to continue making movies that bomb just keep making your political thrillers. And Hollywood will love you for it. But sooner or later the studio big wigs will quit funding you agenda since there is no money in it for them. I have an Idea....Why don't you,and Micheal Moore right a script about how 9-11 was a Republican conspiracy against the American people. That should put the final nail in the coffin of your carrer. The Angry American

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finaly I'm back!!

Hi Everybody. It's been so long since I posted.Just have'nt been angry I guess. Ha Ha. This has been a strange winter for me. It's very rare for me to get sick. Maybe once a winter for a couple days. But this winter I had a horrible cold for about a week,and the flu for about a week. And just a few weeks apart from each other. So my vacation ,and sick days are all burned up until August,and my in-laws are coming for a week in June or what to do. I guess I'll try to put some money away,and just take a week off anyway. All is well around here other then that. As some of you know Angel,and I have wanted to start our own business over the past few years. We still have the website up. ( ) But retail space is very expensive,and the fact that one of us would have to quit our jobs to work there would be hard as well. So I'm thinking about just doing the flea market circut. It's cheaper,and seems to be a good market. For $25.00 you can rent a space for 2 days with fairly high traffic. So I'm sure I will go that route. Well Until next time. The Angry American.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rest In Peace Kirby Puckett

It's a very sad day here in Minnesota. Minnesota Twins legend,and baseball Hall of fame member Kirby Puckett passed away at the young age of 45. He was taken of life support monday afternoon after suffering a stroke on Sunday. It can't be put into words how much Kirby meant to the people of Minnesota over the years. For myself I grew up as a Twins fan,but kind of became a fair weather fan after Rod Carew left the team for the California Angels, because of problems with team ownership. But Kirby made me a true fan again. From his very first game as a rookie you knew there was something special about Kirby Puckett. He got four hits in his very first game in the big leagues.Only the 9th player in history to accomplish this feat. In 1985 he hit his first carrer home run a three run homer.In 1986 he transformed to a power hitter after developing his "leg kick" and hit 31 homers that year. He batted .332 in 1987, and went on to win his first world series that year. 1988 was the year of Kirby Puckett in which he batted an incredible .356 and also got his 1000th hit.Only one of four players in history to do so in his first five seasons! In 1989 Kirby tied a major league record when he hit four doubles in one game in a 10 to 8 win. The next night Kirby hit 2 more doubles. That same year Kirby Signed the biggest contract in baseball history (at the time) in which he would be paid $9 million over three years. But most remeber Kirby for the 1991 World Series. Most notably game 6 the Twins were down in the series 3 games to 2. In the locker room that night Kirby told his teammates jump on my back I'm driving the bus tonight. Kirby made a leaping catch at the warning track to rob the Atlanta Braves of a run,and in the 11th inning he homered to force the seventh and final game. The next night The Twins captured their 2nd World series. In 1996 Kirby woke up with blurred vision,and found he had glaucoma in his right eye. In 1997 In a game in which I attended The Twins honered Kirby with a 90 minute pregame show in which the Twins retired his #34. In 2001 he was named to the baseball hall of fame with over 80% of the votes in his first year on the ballot. He was the third youngest player ever named to the Hall.He had a lifetime batting average of .318 was named to the all-star team 10 consecutiove years,won six golden gloves. led the league in batting average in 1989. Led the league in hits in 1987,1988,1989,and 1992. and led the league in rbi's in 1994. Everyone in Minnesota has a fond memorie of Kirby Puckett about the things he did on the field. Off the field he was very involved in the make a wish foundation,and every year held a pool tournament to help raise money for children with cancer. People in Minnesota thought of Kirby as a member of the family. Even if you never met him you just loved him. We loved him,and he loved us. He proved that by taking less money ($5 Million less) and stayed with the Twins instead of signing with the Boston Red Sox. Kirby said he would be a Twin for life,and stayed with us. He is survived by a fiance,and his two children. Touch em all Kirby's time to go home. We love you.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Rest in Peace Don Knotts

It's been a while since I've been able to post. Mainly due to the fact that I was completly wiped out with the flu for about 6 days. And this may seem like a bit of a strange post for me since it has nothing to do with politics,but I just had to say something about the passing of Don Knotts. The Andy Griffith show is by far one of my favorite T.V. programs. Much like the Beverly Hillbillies It's from a time that is long gone,but the humor stands the test of time. It was never crude,racist,sexist or in anyway offensive. But everytime I watch a classic episode I can't help but laugh. Even If I've allready seen it 100 times which is usually the case with any Andy Griffith episode. Let's face it everyone has used the term "Barney Fife" at some point to explain an over zealous police officer or a security gaurd. The character of Barney Fife was never meant to be a main character of the show. He was supposed to be a supporting character who made an appearence every now and then. Like Floyd the Barber , Otis the Drunk or Goober. But the Barney character took over the screen the first time he ever appeared,and he became a regular. In my opinion once Don Knotts left the show it was never the same. Still a good show, but something was allways missing without Barney. So Don Knotts thank you for makeing me laugh for so many years,and may you rest in peace.........(Did you notice in the picture who's in the back of the squad car?)