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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Your just an actor so shut the hell up!

It seems everytime I click on the news I have to watch some celebrity complain about their country. Or give their two cents about a conspiracy theory. George Clooney who I think is a great actor has decided that rather then put out good films he'll just put out political garbage. Everyone made a big deal about the fact that he was nominated in so many categories at the Oscars this year. So lets take a look at both of his films this year. First there was Good Night,and Good luck. Directed by,and co-written,and co-starring Clooney. It's about Edward R Murrow battling evil republican senator Joseph McCarthy. Sounds like a good story.....if it would have been more fact based it probobly would have been. We've all heard about McCarthyism,and how he was paranoid about the communist threat. What we seldom hear about is that years later when files were unsealed 98% of all government employees who were questioned about having communist ties. DID have communist ties. And many of them actually sold secrets to the Soviet Government. Not every single government employee was questioned. Just those who it was thought had communist ties. And the film also paints Murrow out to be a fighter who brought down the Evil McCarthy. In reality McCarthy was pretty much destroyed by the time Murrow picked up on the story. And most media outlets had quit following the McCarthy story. Murrow just put the final nail in the coffin. Next there was Syriana. About a C.I.A. Agent who becomes disgusted with the U.S. relations with the Arab countries. Clooney was nominated for best actor. There are many points about how "big oil" is the evil entity behind it all. Clooney was praised for these two films as master pieces, and the media pilled praise on him for being so brave to tackle these topics. Do you know what the media,and Hollywood never mentions about these two films,and what they both have in common? They both BOMBED in the theaters. Good Night,and Good Luck did have moderate success,and will probably make a profit when it get's on video,and dvd. But Syriana did'nt even stay in the theaters for more then a couple months And I doubt will even turn a profit when it hits the video market. So Mr.Clooney if you want to continue making movies that bomb just keep making your political thrillers. And Hollywood will love you for it. But sooner or later the studio big wigs will quit funding you agenda since there is no money in it for them. I have an Idea....Why don't you,and Micheal Moore right a script about how 9-11 was a Republican conspiracy against the American people. That should put the final nail in the coffin of your carrer. The Angry American


Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I'd love to wipe that smug grin off of George Clooney's face. He just needs a good ol' fashioned ass-kicking.

12:09 PM  

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