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Sunday, February 12, 2006

2007 budget breakdown part 2 program cuts

It's really kind of pointless to to talk about programs which recieved cuts from the government. Due to the fact that as a whole almost every single department will see an increase in spending this year.But the media likes to use the word "cut" as a way to insinuate the President is actually cutting money out of each department. This is completly false. However certain programs will recieve cuts so that more money can be given to different programs withen the same department.For instance if a program like State job training grants are reduced by $514 million it's because unemployment is down so there is'nt as big of a need for job training.So that $514 million will end up going to another program withen the department of labor. So don't believe the media or the democrat senators when it comes to the talk of budget cuts. Do the research for yourself it's all there on Government websites. So lets start with the DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Again I don't have the time to make a comment on each program (Remember I don't get paid for this) so I will pick out the major programs and high light them. The first is the Environmental quality incentives program, $270 million. I'm sure detractors will say that Bush is anti-environment,but let's look ata history of the program. And what it does according to the USDA website.The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) was reauthorized in the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (Farm Bill) to provide a voluntary conservation program for farmers and ranchers that promotes agricultural production and environmental quality as compatible national goals. EQIP offers financial and technical help to assist eligible participants install or implement structural and management practices on eligible agricultural land.This program was started by President Bush,and like most programs It takes a lot of money to implement new programs. Well it's not a new program any longer so the time has come for a reduction due to the fact that those first start up costs are over. The big one in the ag department is Market access program, $100 million. It's basicly a program set up for people to promote and market their farm product. Sounds great...only problem is the only way to qualify is to be a non-profit organization. I don't know many farmers who set out to be non-profit. In-house research, $123 million. Most research is now done outside the USDA or is done in partner with the USDA.State and private forestry, $100 million . According to the USDA forest service website This will also allow the Forest Service authority to sell small tracts of forest land which would raise another $800 million for the forestry sevice. So that should more than offest that $100 million. Now lets move on to the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE there are only 2 programs up for cuts. I'll take the biggest one Manufacturing extension partnership, $59 million. This is basicly a program in which a small or medium sized manufacturing business can use a consultant from the Department of Commerce.This program also recieves funds from State, Local,and private resources. So the little over $1 million each state would recieve from the Federal government won't make much of an effect. Now comes the part that is so surprising. The Media,and the Democrates in congress have been going nuts over the education cuts. So lets look at EDUCATION. There is only 4 programs recieving cuts for a total of $811 million. The biggest is the Perkins Loans Institutional Fund recall, $664 million. Now what is being done here is that Bush wants to recall all Perkins loans allready set for 2007. A Perkins loan is set up for low income students,and when the loan is repaid it is reissued for another low income student. So the Democrats will say that Bush is a racist only out for the wealthy. But remember Bush is setting aside $12.7 BILLION dollars for Pell Grants which are also set up for low income students. So now these low income students will recieve grants....not loans. Education as a whole will have a budget of $56.8 billion for 2007. Now that is a decrease of 3.4% from last year. However the programs that are being terminated account for the fact why the education budget is down this year. And most of the programs being terminated have been deemed "failures" by the department of Education According to their website. So the President was told it would be in the best interest to terminate those programs. But we know how the media,and democrats will twist this fact.Next is the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. Four programs for $886 million The biggest being Environmental management, $762 million .Here's Another one the libs will say "Bush is against the environment" This program was set up years ago as a way to clean up sites that particapted or contributed to, the research, development, or production of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology. A great program when it was started,but the cold war has been over for close to 20 years now,and most of the clean up is finished. So sooner or later thie program is bound to be reduced. And at some point I would assume it will completly disolved. Next up is HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. Another one the Democrats are after Bush about. Saying he's taking programs away from the poor. Well guess what? They will get a increase of $58 Billion for a total budget of $700 Billion. A 9.1 percent increase. But lets look at the two programs which are seeing the largest reductions of financial aid. Social Services block grant, $500 million. The Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) funds States, territories, and insular areas for the provision of social services directed toward achieving economic self-support or self-sufficiency, preventing or remedying neglect, abuse, or the exploitation of children and adults, preventing or reducing inappropriate institutionalization, and securing referral for institutional care, where appropriate. In 2001 they recieved $1.725 Billion,and in 2002 $1.7 billion. It was a new program in 2001(by Bush) again this is a program that needed lots of cash for start up costs. Now that much just is'nt needed anymore. Health Resources and Service Administration- Children's Graduate Medical Education, $198 million. The Children's Hospitals Graduate Medical Education Payment Program (CHGMEPP) provides funds to children's teaching hospitals to support the training of pediatric and other residents in graduate medical education (GME) programs. Since Federal financial support of graduate medical education is extensively supported by the Medicare system, the CHGME program compensates for the disparity in the level of Federal funding for pediatric teaching hospitals versus other types of teaching hospitals. The Secretary of DHHS has delegated the authority for the administration of the CHGME payment program to Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which redelegated it to the Bureau of Health Professions (BHPr). So basicly what this program does is pay for childrens hospitals to have a residency training program. Now people who complain that this is being cut are the same one who complain about health care costs. You can't have it both ways. Do you want rich doctors to have your money or not? HOMELAND SECURITY One program. Office of grants and training, $694 million. With Homeland Security getting a overall increase of $55.1 billion this program will no longer be needed with the new programs being implemented. HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT One program Public housing capital fund, $261 million. HUD will get a budget of 33.6 Billion dollars this year. So once again this program will get swallowed up by other HUD programs. DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR. Three program biggest is Bureau of Reclamation reductions, $127 million. The Bureau of reductions has been around since 1902. and basicly produces information for the public including data sets, web pages, audiovisual presentations, and published reports, including draft reports made available for public comment. Factors such as imminent threats to public health or homeland security, statutory or court-ordered deadlines. The department of interior will recieve a budget increase or $971.6 Million. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. Three programs The biggest being State job training grants consolidation, $514 million. Another case of if the unemployment rate is down (4.7 %) then money can be used in other places. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. One program Amtrak, $394 million. Amtrak has been a money pit for the u.s. government. And sticking any more money into this program is a waste.The government should unload it to a private company for a song,and dance. I mean really why would you want to take a train across country for several days when you can fly there in a couple hours,and still fly cheaper then Amtrak. I can't express enough what a waste Amtrak is. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY. Two program for a total of $218 million.Biggest is Clean water state revolving fund, $199 million. This program will still operate on a budget of right around $4 billion. So don't believe the "Bush hates the environment" garbage. INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS. Two programs for a total of $160 million. Let's look at both of them. Assistance for Eastern European democracy, $83 million and Assistance for the state of the former Soviet Union, $78 million. It's time both of these stand on their own 2 feet. Enough said. There is four other programs left so I'll take the biggest. NASA One program Aeronautics Mission Research Directorate, $160 million. NASA will still recieve a budget increase of $3.2 billion. That about does it for the second part of the budget breakdown. All my information is availible thru the internet. Just google it. Some was also taken from the February 7th edition of the USA Today. I have about 15 hours of research for both posts so if you're going to do some research be prepared to spend some time on it. Also remember don't believe the media. Do the research yourself,and find out the facts. I will post a short recap of both posts to just point out the major points of the budget plan. Until then Have a great week.


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