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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cold season,and a "Dingy Harry" update

I'm trying me best to get this budget post finished,but I have been getting my tail kicked the past couple days by the common cold. I think I slept like 18 hours today.But thank god for Alka Seltzer plus cold medicine,and orange juice. I feel much better now then I did about 12 hours ago. I thought I'd mention this recent comment from Harry Reid. "Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Bush's speech failed to lay out a comprehensive strategy to fight terrorists.
"As is too often the case with this president, the rhetoric does not match the reality," Reid said. "The fact is this White House has committed a series of national security mistakes that have made America less secure." Does anyone have any idea what this fool is talking about? He is refering to a speech the President made about a foiled terrorist attack from in 2002. Here is a link to the whole story. I'm not sure if Mr.Reid fell asleep during the speech or is just so filled with hatred that it doesn't register. And I would love for Mr. Reid to show me how America is less secure with President Bush ,and we were more secure with Clinton.


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