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Monday, February 13, 2006

Budget recap. 3rd and final

Again this information can all be found on the internet thru government websites. Don't get it from some liberal media site. Most of this posts information can be found in the February 7th edition of the USA TODAY. It is simply their budget information. The Opinions are solely mine. First let's start with Education. Now the liberal media,and democratic polititions are up in arms about the so called "cuts" in education. The fact is the new budget calls for $56.8 billion. Now that is a 3.4 % decrease of what was made last year. Some of the programs being terminated are why the amount has gone down this year.These are programs the Department of Education deemed "failures" according to their website. However many program will see huge increases. Such as the Pell Grant Program. Which is for needy,and low income students. There will be a $12.7 Billion increase in Pell Grants. Which will help 59,000 more students then it did in 2006. Thats 59,000 Students who would'nt have gotten those grants last year.Bush will also once again push for the private school voucher program. Which contrary to media attention is not for rich people. The private school voucher program is only for low income children.Homeland Security.$55.1 billion increase. Including Adding 1500 new agents. and 2000 new border agents. Health and humane services gets a huge increase of 9.1% or $58 billion dollars. So once again Bush does much more for the poor then the media or Democrats will admit. Veterans will recieve a 5.2% increase at the Veterans administration.. Medical care for veterans will increase 8.1% to $33.2 Billion. Let's take a quick look at the overall economy for the year 2006. We keep hearing how the tax breaks are for the rich, but last year the economy increased tax reciepts 14.5 % the biggest jump in 24 years. So if we all have more money in our pocket we spend more. Which means more taxes. (Sales,luxery,etc...) and the White House predicts another increase of 6.1 % for 2007. That's about does it for the budget. If you really look at the 141 programs that are being either cut or terminated only a handfull are worth saving. Maybe 10 of the 141. The rest are government pork or big business welfare. And the social education programs that have been touched will be taken care of by other programs withen their own departments. Such as the School loan programs that were shelved will be taken care of by Grant programs instead. See you all tomorrow. The Angry American


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