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Friday, February 17, 2006

Time for the libs to move on...again.

The whole Dick Cheney shooting situation seems to finaly be over. So now the libs will have to move on to the next topic to try to destroy the white house with. Another situation in which something was just blown out of proportion. Obviously The Vice President shooting someone is big news,and should be reported. But the way the media tried to turn this into a criminal act was disgusting. Who does the media think they are? That they are so important that the Vice President needs to alert them the first thing after someone is shot. Get over yourselves. You're not that important. And Cheney did nothing to try to keep this out of the media or hide from it. So what is the big deal? Why is it that the libs will accuse Bush of lying every chance they can, but when the media lies about something it's no big deal. What media lies? Well lets just mention the big ones over the past few years. How about Bush's forged military records released just before the about all the false reports from New Orleans during huricane Katrina.... What false reports from Katrina? Well as someone who has in-laws from that area I can tell you about lots of false reports. Which I will detail more tomorrow. What about the false reports of the miners who died a few months ago? These people will barbeque Cheney for an accidental shooting.....even when he takes the blame for it. But they treat Ted Kennedy as their guru. Ted Kennedy!!! A guy who drove off a bridge,and KILLED someone. Then ran away ,and hid from his responsibility . Before the Kennedy family called the police they called their lawyers,and the people who clean up messes for the family. Then those people contacted the authorities. And Teddy never even considered that woman who was still strapped in the car. He went to his hotel room and went to bed. The car was found the next morning when a 15 year old boy was getting ready to go fishing.But yet Dick Cheney is a horrible person for getting medical attention for his friend first. So before the man's family was told about it Cheney was supposed to alert the media? So they could quick throw it on the air,and the man's family could hear about it from CNN? So once again the libs have NOTHING to complain about. So I suggest you take your own advice....Move on! The Angry American


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