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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why I hate the media so much....

For people who don't know me well I probobly sound like a conspiracy therist when it comes to the media. And even some people who know me don't understand why I hate it so much. Well my distrust of the media started a long time ago, but the reason I grew to hate it so much can be summed up in two words....hurricane Katrina. Never have I seen such horible reporting in my life. My wife is from a town called Belle Chasse Louisiana. It's about a half hour to forty five minutes south of New Orleans. Her parents,her brother's family,and aunts,uncles, and grandparents all live in the area south of New Orleans,and her Uncle is a New Orleans police officer. So needless to say we were glued to the television news for weeks trying to get information for her parents who were stuck sleeping in their truck for a time,and also living out of hotels and resturants for a time. From what I saw 90% of the media coverage of New Orleans was wrong,and in most cases just out,and out made up or the truth was stretched very very far. For instance one of the biggest storys that was reported was that a supply helicopter was shot at. What happened was that when the helicopter was coming in a news crew member heard what sounded like a shot. So they reported that someone was firing,and the chopper crew turned around,and left without dropping supplys. But local authorities at the scene said there was no gun shots at the Superdome,and they have no idea where the report of gunshots came from. We heard many stories from the media of the horrible things that went on inside the Superdome. Rapes,murders,and robberies were all reported by the media about the superdome. But there was not one single crime reported to authorities that accured inside the Superdome. As a matter of fact the Superdome was one of the safest places to be. There was a makeshift jail set up in one part of,and it was set up as a makeshift police station. Also remeber the scenes of the filthy bathrooms? The media reported that people were being forced to urinate,and deficate in these bathrooms that were allready overflowing with human waste. When in fact there was only two bathroom inside the superdome that were not usable. A men,and a womens right next to each other on one side of the building. The media tried to paint Katrina as a scene from the Apocalypse. That everyone stuck in New Orleans was a murderer ,rapist or thug. Yes there were looters. Some stole because they needed some things to survive.Others because they could get away with it. Unfortunately that's what some people do when they might not get caught. Were there rapes,and murders? I'm sure there was. Again a small group of people who took advantage of a horible situation. But did we see the storys of people helping their neighbors? No...,but that happened as well. What we saw was the death and destruction. And the saddest part was that some of what we were told never even happened. Why would the media do something like that? To make people like myself,and others who have friends or family so mad that we demand the heads of those we feel were at fault. I can't put into words after finding out what was really going on down there how p*ssed off I was that the news outlets would do what they did for their own political reasons. The sleepless nights both my wife,and I spent. Because we thought what we were being told was the truth. We see the blind hypocrisy in the media everyday. The "News" coming from Iraq that paints our soldiers as murderous lunatics. The news media won't show a cartoon that depicts Mohummad, because they don't want to offend anyone. But they will show "new"video footage from Abu Ghraib that is three years old. Even after soldiers were court martialed for abusing prisoners. They have to continue the throwing this out there as current news. Why are'nt they afraid of offended Americans? So to the members of the media that report the truth...thank you! And for the other 99% of the media that belive this country would be better run as a communist republic,and will lie cheat and ruin peoples lives to do so..... I hope one day you have a loved one who is in the national spotlight who is abused by your pals in the "impartial" media. The Angry American


Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I remember when the Times-Picayune came out with a laundry list of errors and distortions and media fabrications. To this day, many in MSM think of it as their proudest moment, and have not corrected all the misperceptions that people still believe about Katrina. AND, it's all Bush's fault. The damage is done.

11:29 PM  
Blogger abrothasopinion said...

Yeah. The media will go out of it's way to show only the bad side of things and blow them out of proportion.

Particulalry racism. I can hear about the McKinney situation all day long but I can't see anything on television about blacks and whites coming together peacefully to do something? Come on. And things like that can't be a mistake.

It's the type of thing you don't notice until you sit and think about it.

11:20 AM  

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