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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Immigrant or criminal?

Immigration has been all over the t.v.,and papers for about the past month. But seems to have come to a boil this past week. Now allmost all of us in this country have came here from immigrants. I don't believe the argument is that we don't want more immigrants here in America. The situation is that we don't want someone coming into this country illegally. for many reasons. One if we can't control who comes into this country, how can we control if someone is wanted for crimes in there own country? And two if someone is in this country illegally how can they be protected by the rights that are offered to all U.S. citizens? The Democratic party is trying to twist this thing into a racial devision. Saying if your against Hispanic immigrants it's because you're racist. So let me tell you all a story you may have heard before. There was a farmer in Texas who owned an Orange grove in the 1970's who would bring in illegal immigrants ever year to work in his grove,and at the end of the season he would kill them and bury them in a mass grave. That way he did'nt have to pay them a dime,and there was no way for him to get caught because no one but him knew they were there. Well at some point a ranch hand who worked for him got feelings of guilt,and turned himself in and told the whole story. Now if these people would have been here legally someone would have been a paper trail. There is also the argument that Americans won't do the work that illegal immigrants will. My dad is semi retired these days,but for 6 months out of the year he works for a farmer who hires LEGAL immigrants. It's hard manual labor and the immigrants who do it are hard working people who bust their tails. The Farmer goes to great lengths to make sure he is only hiring legal immigrants,and from time to time someone who is illegal who slips thru with a fake ss# and or working papers .Now he could hire just illegal workers,and pay them less money . So the argument that illegal do the work others won't is just a lie. The fact is illegals will do the work for less money because they have no choice. If your here illegally there is no one to run to for help. No one to complain to if you're taken advantage of. Is this what the Democratic party wants? People working for 12 hours a day,and $2.00 an hour? What we really need is to speed up the process for those who want to come here,and work legally. Not slave labor! This is the greatest country in the world. Of course people want to come here. But they don't want to be taken advantage of by greedy business owners. But the democratic party wants to paint it that we don't want hispanics here because we're racist. And of course if you want a chance in this country,and someone tells you ....hey these people don't want you here because of the color of your might believe them. So if you're and immigrant who's reading this,and your here legally or illegally. Make no mistake we want you here. We want you to live the American Dream as well. But we want you here legally for the sake of our countries security,and the your own protection. The Angry American