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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My busy time of the year. Politics, Procrastination,and more

I have not written as much as I'd like lately, and probably won't be posting as much as I'd like for a while since this seems to be my busy time of the year. I recently finished my wife's kitchen hutch which I did some on it earlier in the year, but couldn't procrastinate any longer
since I want to park my car in the garage this winter, I also need to clean some more things out of the garage before the snow flies. My wife's hutch was very time consuming. I put an antique finish on it. So first I had to strip the old finish off of it, then white wash the entire hutch, next I had to sand down the edges and other high spots to bare wood. Then I had to put stain over the entire hutch to give the bare wood spots an aged look. My guess is the entire process took about 60 to 70 hours. Were also trying to get ready for Halloween around here which for us is a big holiday. Both my wife,and myself go all out for Halloween, It will take me at least 5 to 6 hours just to set up the yard for one day. Lots of very cool stuff. It's fun to watch a kid who's about 3 come right up,and get candy,but their 10 year old sibling is to scared to walk up the sidewalk. I also do extravagant pumpkin carvings I will carve 6 pumpkins this year which will take probably about an hour per pumpkin. Then when Halloween is over I have to start getting ready for deer hunting, I still haven't went out to the rifle range to check, and see if my scope is on or not, and I only have a few weeks left to so. I also volunteered for the re-elect Pawlenty for Governor campaign,and got a call today to do some stuff for them, so maybe after the election I will have a little time to breath before Christmas. If I still drank I'd go get a stiff drunk on right about now. Oh yeah were also getting our house switched from fuses to breakers, and sometime before Christmas I want to build a room in the basement for the ferrets to live in rather then letting them run around the whole basement. They're a curious little animal, and can get into just about anything, and love to play all day long, so they need a little bit more of a controlled environment for themselves to keep them out of trouble. By the way did you hear the world will be out of natural resources by the year 2050. Yep according to the World Wildlife Fund we'll all be dead by 2050 so I plan on getting a second,and third mortgage on my house,and racking up my credit cards because we'll all be dead soon. So stop driving your cars,and eating food damn it! You're killing the planet with your cars, and fish eating. Until next time (whenever that may be) The Angry American

Friday, October 20, 2006

No more running for Dick and Jane

I'm sure most of us have at least heard of the Dick,and Jane books or may have even read them even if they were way before my time I have still read a few of them. They had very simple reading See Dick run, run Dick run. See Jane Run. run Jane run, but it seems school has changed since Dick,and Jane were around. In today's society of correctness,and over protection they would not be able to run anymore. Willett Elementary School in Attleboro Massachusetts has now banned tag, as well as touch football,and other unsupervised chasing games. all I can say is what in the fricking hell! From one point I do understand that the school is afraid that they could get sued, and that to is part of the problem. We've become so damn sue happy in this country, also the school could avoid that with permission slips. Isn't that sad that in today's day,and age we have to get a permission slip signed to let our kids play tag. TAG FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! They're not talking about full contact Football they're talking about tag, and touch football. I'm not that old,but when I was in school at recess we'd play a game called smear. Which meant whoever had the football everyone tried to tackle. One kid running while 30 other kids tried to tackle him,and when he got tackled after he got up he'd throw the ball into the air,and whoever caught it would be the next one to get smeared. In the winter time after the snowfall they would plow the snow in to a huge pile that was also the length of the school in the center of the school yard. I am not joking when I say this pile would reach 15 feet high or maybe a little more, well there was always one section set aside for kids who just wanted to play in the snow,but the rest was for playing king of the mountain. That means pushing each other down the hill then get to the bottom, climb back up, and push someone else off. We used to beat the hell out of each other playing smear, and king of the mountain,and once in a while someone would get hurt, bloody nose, black eye, kids crying....IT WAS GREAT. Now they can't even play tag. This is not the first school to do this,but it is the one that's most recent right now.One parent had this to say "she's witnessed a lot of "near collisions" between children and supports anything that makes the playground safer." Near collisions she says. Not collisions,but near collisions. I wonder if she saw a near collision while driving her kids to school if she would decide to home school them to make them safer? In my lifetime I've witnessed,and been involved in maybe close to 100 near collisions by automobiles. I think tomorrow I will go down to the D.M.V. and turn in my drivers license, I can always get a bike. NO wait I've also witnessed near collisions with bikes so I guess that's out, maybe walking, but I do seem to remember people getting ran over while walking so I guess that's out too. When will it stop? Let kids be kids, let them play games while they are still young enough to do it. Let them fall down,and skin their knee,and they will get up, and dust themselves off, and do it again. If your kid rips their pants, and gets a cut, don't call the school,and complain. Patch their pants,and put a band-aid on their cut. Let them run, jump, fall, and do all the things that kids do. Let them be care free before they have a mortgage,and a job. Protect your kids so no one can hurt them or take advantage of them, but don't take away their childhood because you don't want them to get a skinned knee or bump on their head. It's been a long time since Dick, and Jane, have been relevant but I never thought I'd see the day that we'd have to say " See Dick stare at the floor" "Stare Dick stare" or "See Jane sue the school" "Sue Jane Sue" The Angry American

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The World Must Disarm North Korea NOW!

It's rare for me to post twice in one day,and I haven't posted anything about North Korea yet, But just as I was getting ready to go to bed this came across the news,and I thought I'd be one of the first to comment about it. Just this morning The North Korean foreign minister released this staement that was carried on the official Korean Central News Agency.
The United Nations' effectively declared war on the country when it imposed sanctions for the North's nuclear test. North Korea wants "peace but is not afraid of war," The
U.N. Security Council' "resolution cannot be construed otherwise than a declaration of a war," the ministry said, calling the sanctions "a product of the U.S. hostile policy toward" North Korea.
The ministry warned that if anyone used the U.N. resolution to infringe on the country's sovereignty, North Korea "will deal merciless blows at him through strong actions." One of two things must happen here to put North Korea in it's place. It's non friendly neighbors ( Japan,South Korea) need to do something from a military standpoint. Which Japan has no military option, but South Korea would probably be willing to allow Japanese to join their military for an invasion, but the most logical option is for China to tell Kill Jong Ill "listen knock this shit off or you will deal with us! China has the ability to stop this thing in it's tracks,and I beleive that China may. They have been allies with North Korea for some time, but I doubt that they like North Korea's attitude of we'll do what we want,and anyone who dares to oppose us will be dealt with. China is a communist country that likes things to be quiet,and done quietly, and I am sure they have asked North Korea to keep it quiet over the years. I wouldn't be to surprised to wake up one day soon to find out that North Korea is part of China now,and no one knows where Kim Jong Ill is. We can forget about any help from Russia, Putin will blow smoke, but like with Iraq he will go behind our backs and break the U.N. resolutions. With the world view of the U.S. right now there is no way in hell we will become militaraly involved, but the rest of the world, mostly Asia had better wake up soon. I mean just read those comments again. They are saying anyone who follows the resolutions has declared war on them,and they will fight. China also accounts for almost one half of all goods imported from North Korea,and imports about 500 million to North Korea, but most importantly China provides 90% of all oil to North Korea. Make no mistake China has the ability to stop this problem with North Korea with just the snap of their fingers.

North Koren School children playing target practice with a picture of George W Bush in 2005. North Korea's No. 2 ranking leader, Kim Yong Nam, defiantly said the regime would strengthen its military and "achieve a final victory in the historic standoff with the U.S." China may not care to much if North Korea has Nukes,but they should. There is no doubt they will use them or threaten to use them on their neighbors, and these are not the kind of neighbors that you want to have that kind of power. Also it will only make Iran more bold,and I know China does not want Iran to have them. After these comments today the whole world needs to either act from these threats or put pressure on China to force North Korea into ditching the nuclear program,and possibly replace Kim Jong Ill as leader. If one of these options are not done we will have a North Korea nuke attack somewhere in the world withen the next 5 years. Kim Jong Ill is the biggest threat the world has had since Hitler, and Iran is just watching to see what they should do next. The world had better act now for the sake of South Korea first,and then the rest of Asia. The Angry American


I'd be smiling to if I committed treason against my country and only got sentenced to 28 months in prison. I heard part of the story on the news tonight so I looked on the web for some more of this story. Here's a link to the Yahoo story. This sad pathetic excuse for a human waste of flesh named Lynn Stewart was the lawyer Omar Abdel-Rahman. The blind sheik who was a major player in the first World Trade Center Bombing as well as the plan to destroy five other buildings in New York. Now I don't care that she defended him, but after he was imprissioned she released a statement for him to members of his organization. The Yahoo story leaves out much of the important information. They make it sound as if she just released a statement to the media. This statement that was released was funneled thro several people who then gave it to his organization, and it is also several messages not just one. Prosecuting attorneys asked for a sentence of 30 years the judge gave her 28 months because she has always been a upstanding member of society, and was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her lawyers argued she would die in prison. GOOD! Let her ass rot in prison! Instead she got 28 months, and can stay out of jail while she appeals her case. So basically she will never serve a day in jail for conspiring with terrorists. Talk about a travesty in justice. I've always been an upstanding member of society. What do you think would happen if I did that? I'd be in jail for 30 years that's what. This treasonous peace of shit belongs in prison! She doesn't even have the courage to admit any wrong in this case. If she would have said hey you know what I thought those messages were for his family members, and I was duped by the whole thing, but she didn't because she knew what they were for, and she never admitted any wrong for it. Judge John G. Koeltl was pressured from outside groups, and didn't have the guts to do the right thing. Here is a link to a couple sites that are defending this traitor. I'm sure if we ever catch Osama Bin Laden these same people will take up a collection for him as well. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention. Guess who donated $20,000 to her defense fund? Another American trader Mr. George Soros. Talk about a match made in hell. Until next time The Angry American

Friday, October 06, 2006

DEFICIT DROPS! Why is this not a major news story?

Just today as I went to my Yahoo home page I noticed a story that caught my eye. Mainly because it's a major story, and secondly because it is not being talked about in the mainstream media. Here a link to the story if you want to read the whole thing The record deficit occurred in 2004 for a total of $413 billion, and dropped last year to $318 Billion,and has dropped this year to $250 billion. If you look at the past 6 years of the Bush administration it is very easy to see why such a huge deficit occurred. First we had a huge financial lose when 9-11 happened many of the large New York banks were knocked out of commission for a brief time. Then we invaded two countries, if you look at a history of military spending you'll see that during the Clinton administration the military had record budget cuts, many experienced military officers were forced into early retirement so we could save more money it was better to pay a retirement for someone who retired after 15 years then wait until they were in for 20. So when we went into Afghanistan, and Iraq we now had to fill those huge gaps where money had been taken from. The fact is we didn't have the tanks, planes, jeeps, and other equiptment we once had because of these previous cuts, and we now had to get the money to pay for this equiptment we needed in a time of war. So this huge deficit was born, now with tax cuts we as Americans have spent more which means less lay-offs, and lower unemployment, and it has slowly knocked down some of this deficit, Also tax receipts are up 12% this year for a total of $253 billion which is proof that tax cuts put more money in peoples pockets,and if people have more money in their pocket they will spend it which brings up tax receipts, but of course the Democrats are stll not happy about it. Though today's estimates for 2006 are not as pessimistic as some earlier estimates, it is clear that the budget remains on the wrong track," said top budget panel Democrat John Spratt Jr. of South Carolina. "The Congressional Budget Office and even the Bush administration are estimating that deficits will be even larger next year" The wrong track? Unemployment is at 4.6 %, The Dow Jones hit all time record highs this past week. Small business as well as corporate tax profits are both up, what else does this stupid bastard want done? Now I will admit the deficit needs to come down more, and it will if we stay on the same track. We also need to start worrying about social security, Bush tried to do something with it, It may have not been the right idea I don't know for sure,but the difference he came up with something. The Democrats have never came up with a plan to do anything about the looming Social Security problem, well except for let's just ignore it until it goes away, which I wouldn't say is much of a plan. Now of course the Mark Foley story is important , but isn't the fact that the deficit is coming down, and the economy is in great shape a major story? I bet if the deficit would have jumped $68 billion instead of coming down we would hear more about it. Instead the media would rather report stories that belong in the National Enquirer. So regardless of what the media, and the democrats say we in America we are still strong, and the economy is rebounding, and booming, and once again the democrats can't stand the fact that America is strong, and just can't find one damn thing positive to say about our country. The Angry American

Thursday, October 05, 2006

He's here to stay so just forget about it already

It seems everytime I open the newspaper, or click on my homepage news section there is one story or another with some liberal saying that either Bush, Cheney Rumsfeld, or all three should resign or be impeached. So lets take a look at those options for a minute. First lets start with the one in the public the most right now Donald Rumsfeld. Some have said that all the problems in Iraq are Rumsfelds fault, Now I'm sure that some of the problems are from decisions that Rumsfeld had made, but what strikes me as strange is that the people pointing their finger at Rumsfeld are people who are no longer in Iraq. Why is it we don't hear from the commanding officers in Iraq saying we are being held back by Rumsfeld. It's only from people who are no longer there,and may have wanted more power themselves when the were in Iraq,and now have an ax to grind. Another person who has said things recently about Rumsfeld is former Secretary of State,and military man Colon Powell. I have a ton of respect for Powell, and his ability's, and opinions, But if Powell truly felt that the war in Iraq was heading in the wrong direction why didn't he stay on as Secretary of State,and try to change the way things were done? Also many claims have been made about mistakes Cheney made, again I am not saying that it isn't possible that mistakes were made, but the liberals have put Bush in position in which he can not come out, and say hey you know what we made some mistakes, and we are making changes. If he does they will call for his resignation. Same thing if Rumsfeld really has screwed up like they are saying if Rumsfeld or Cheney were to resign the liberals would say hey these are your guys who screwed up so we want you to resign. Bush is in a no win situation if he says hey we did screw up a few times they will ask him to resign, and if no mistakes were made they will say he's lying about what's really going on, and the "Bush spin machine" is just blowing smoke so he should also resign. Instead of being the finger pointing, hypocritical, whinners they are known for why doesn't one of them have the guts to say, hey you know what who cares about the past let's start over right now, and get things in Iraq on the right path what can we do to help,and what's the plan? That's sounds great, but maybe we should try this. Hey since I also voted for us to go into Iraq maybe I should quit bitching about it, and help out. But of course that won't happen. Instead they will continue to say everything except for a booming economy is due to Bush. they read the same Iraq intelligence,and voted to go to Iraq, but it's Bush's fault he lied about Iraq. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco told Bush,and New Orleans mayor Mayor Ray Nagin that she needed 24 hours to make a decision on what to do after the levees broke, she also gave orders to the National Guard troops to shoot, and kill looters, and rioters, but Bush hates black people, and it's his fault that people had to wait for help. So just look at the facts, and quit your bitchin. The liberals have given Bush no options when it comes admitting mistakes. He can't or they'll ask for his head, Bush has done everything possible to reach out to the democrats. He's asked Clinton to do all sorts of humanitarian work around the world with his dad. He let that fat, drunk, murderer Ted Kennedy write the no child left behind act even when Bush had the numbers in Congress to do it his way, and jam it down the democrats throats he tried to work with these people,and at every turn they continue to try to figure out a way to get rid of him. Well guess what? it's not gonna happen, he's got two years left, and he's not going anywhere so learn to live with it or learn to work with someone who's bent over backwards to work with your party even when he's had the numbers in congress to shut you completely out. Bush is here to stay, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it . The Angry American

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Minnesota Twins Win the A.L. Central division!

Most of you probably don't care, but I had to blow our horn. With the Twins win against the White Sox today, and Detroits loss to The Royals. The Minnesota Twins once again have clinched the A.L. Central division title. If both teams would have either lost or won today then Detroit would have won the title. So Detroit is now the Wild card winner, and will play The Yankees on Tuesday,and the Twins will face the Oakland A's in Minnesota on tuesday. The winner of that series will face either the Yankees or Detroit. Go Twins! The Angry American

The Republicans can admit wrongdoing, why can't the Democrats?

It seems lots of bloggers have written about Bill Clinton's interview with Chris Wallace last week, that's one of the main reasons I hadn't I figured why repeat what everyone else has said, but something else has came up over the past few days that makes me also think back to that interview. Florida Representative Republican Mark Foley was acused of sending provocative e-mails, and text messages to a 16 year old boy who used to work as a page. I have read some of these messages, and to use the word provocative is an understatement. These messages could not have been mistaken for something they were not. Now over the past few days the Democrats have accused Thomas Reynold's Republican from New York of not doing enough, So here is what I found out about what he did do. In the summer of 2005 is when the contact occurred, this past spring Rodney Reynold's R- Louisiana was contacted by the boys family, He discussed it with Reynold's ,and he told Reynold's the family did not want this pursued legally they just wanted it to stop. After Reynolds looked into it he contacted Dennis Haskert about it who's office did refer it to authorities. Also during that time it was referred to Rep, John Shimkus R- Ill who oversees the page program who then talked directly to Foley. Foley told Shimkus it was an innocent exchange,and Shimkus told him to not have any further contact with the family. Now keep in mind the family of the boy DID NOT WANT THIS PURSUED LEGALLY, and also only they,and Foley knew at the time the exact conversations that had taken place. "Congressman Reynolds inaction in the face of such a serious situation is very troubling, and raises important questions about whether there was an attempt to cover up criminal activity involving a minor to keep it from coming to light before Election Day, said Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Karen Finney, again the family did not want this pursued. Also there has not been one Republican who has supported Foley during this time. The only thing that maybe could have done differently is someone could have asked Foley to resign at that time, and it's possible that someone did, I don't know for sure. But I doubt he would have resigned at the time, but when ABC news confronted Foley publicly he had no choice but to resign, and don't get me wrong I'm glad ABC confronted him,and I'm glad Foley resigned, but I do wish there were criminal charges against him. That's the difference between the Republicans, and Democrats we will turn our back on someone within our party who breaks the law they won't. Maybe the Democrats will now stop bashing ABC for their film "The Path to 9-11" from last month. A film that put the Democrats into an uproar because it dared to make the hint that Bill Clinton could have done more to stop 9-11. Not Bill Clinton! He's the greatest President since John F. Kennedy, he was shining example of truth so if he says he did everything he could to capture Bin Laden then he must have, because he's honest! Damn ABC for suggesting otherwise. So before I make my next point let's look at the honesty of Bill Clinton. Let's start with the first, and most well known in march of 1992 Clinton while running for office said "When I was in England I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it. I didn't inhale and never tried it again." Did anyone ever really buy that story? he tried it a couple times, but never inhaled why the hell not just say I smoked pot a couple times in college, but I'm not proud of it. Don't give me this crap about I never inhaled. How about this one? Mine will be the most ethical administration in the history of the republic!" -- President-Elect Bill Clinton, November 1992. That makes me laugh until my stomach hurts, how's this for ethics "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" -- Bill Clinton on Monica Lewinsky. Or "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is"-- Bill Clinton, during his 1998 grand jury testimony on the Monica Lewinsky affair. I couldn't care less what Clinton got Lewinsky to do to him,and most Republicans feel the same way. What I care about is the fact that as the President of The United States of America he lied under oath in a court of law. Look at Nixon He didn'tnt authorize the Watergate break in, but when he found out about it he tried to cover it up, and when he got caught he resigned, and many republicans wanted him to, but not one democrat asked Clinton to resign after he lied under oath in a court of law. Then they tried to paint it as a witch hunt, and that he was being impeached because he had an affair. His affair had little to do with it. He wasn't being investigated for an affair it came up during the investigation, and when asked about it under oath he lied, it's really that simple. Now let's talk about Clinton's path to 9-11 The first World Trade Center bombing happened 30 days after Clinton took office, most of the individuals involved in that attack were captured, and imprissioned. The one who actually planted the explosives was Ramzi Yousef he is the nephew of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed who was considered the mastermind behind both WTC bombings. Clinton did not catch Mohammad, Bush did. It was also known that the head of Al-Qaeda was Osamma Bin Laden, and Mohammad was a top member in Al-Qaeda. Bin Laden himself was linked to attacks on U.S. interest himself as early as 1992 with the bombing of a hotel in Yemen Clinton tried to Kill Bin Laden in August of 1998, and in November of 1998 is when an indictment was issued for Bin Laden. Now here is Clinton's biggest, and most dangerous lie that he did everything he did to get Bin Laden. Clinton and the 9-11 commission both deny it, but according to both the Sudanese Government, and former U.S. Ambassador to Sudan Tim Carney the Sudanese Government offered to extradite Bin Laden to the U.S. in 1996 and that Clinton turned them down,and stated that we'll get him later on down the road. Why would the Sudanese government lie about that offer? They have no reason to, they wanted to get rid of him, and after Clinton turned down the offer they asked Bin Laden to leave their country, and he headed for Afghanistan. After getting to Afghanistan Bin Laden stepped up his attacks against U.S. interests,and in 1999 three years after the offer by Sudan Clinton tried to force Afghanistan to extradite Bin Laden. So for 8 years Clinton stumbled ,and bumbled after Bin Laden, and he doesn't have the balls to admit that he made mistakes instead he points the finger completely at the Bush administration for the 8 months prior to 9-11, but his 8 years were spent trying to get Bin Laden. Give me a break, as much as Clinton would like to change history he can't. In Clinton's interview he acted like a complete Jackass, and lied like a two dollar whore, but the Democratic party stands there, and talks about ethics. When was the last time a Democrat has stood against another member of their party who has done wrong? To be honest I can't remember when it happened. Ted Kennedy with a bottle of scotch in one hand, and a Chappaquiddick tourism guide in the other is their role model. Democratic congressmen from Louisianana William Jefferson had $90,000 in his freezer,and was video taped by the F.B.Ireceivingng $100,000 in cash, and not one Democrat has asked him to resign. All they did was strip Jefferson of his committie memberships. The F.B.I claims to have uncovered at least 8 different schemes that Jefferson was involved in. Also during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Jefferson asked members of the National Guard to give him a tour of his area he then had them stop at his house, and he started to take personal items from his home. The National Guards then got stuck in the mud, and had to have another truck come to pull them out. The only time the democrats will turn their back on someone in their own party is when that person doesn't follow the party blindly, Joe Lieberman said we needed to stay in Iraq until the job is done, and they turned on him in a heartbeat. This was a guy who for the past eight years or so had been one of their biggest names, but he dared to go against the party, and they cut his throat in a political sense, and then had the balls to say he shouldn't run for re-election without the parties nomination. They turned their backs on him not the other way around. How dare he not follow like a sheep! So if they want to talk about ethics, and cover ups I suggest they clean up their own backyard first. The Republican party does not support criminals, and holds their party members to be responsible for their own actions,and if they screw up someone will ask them to step down, but if you're in the Democratic party as long as you follow, and vote the way you're told they will never ask you to hold yourself responsible for anything. The Angry American