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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Remember Kevin Cosgrove

Who is Kevin Cosgrove ? Up until a couple days ago I never heard of him either. Then while on the internet a few days ago I ran across a video that introduced me to him. He lived in West Islip New York. He was 46 and the claims Vice President of Aon Corporation. And he was on the 105th floor of the west tower of the World Trade Center on Sptember 11th 2001. And the video brought me back to the day it happened. How sad it was. How angry I was. Here is a link to the video. Watch the whole video. Then I read the comments that members of the website posted. Most of them made me even madder,and even sadder yet. Most of the comments were just downright disrespectful of someones death. Comments like " Sucks to be him " and "god was obviously not answering his pleas." It made me wonder how this country will ever come together as one with American citizens saying things like that. I can gaurantee that no one said anything like that after Peral Harbor. But this post isn't about people who hate their country. This is about Kevin Cosgrove. Here is a link to find out more about him from friends who knew him. He left behind a wife Wendy. and three children Brian 12 ,Claire 10, Elizabeth 4, a mother, two brothers,and four sisters. His body was found in the rubble 1 week later.And in his death he helped bring justice when the audio from his 911 call was played at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui. So with the anniversery of 9-11 right around the corner. Think about Kevin Cosgrove. He had a family, He had a life, He was an American,and he was loved. and he deserves to be remembered with dignity,and respect. May he rest in peace. Until next time I'm The Angry American.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Isn't this a sign of the Apocolypse? France is our ally again?

I've been meaning to write over the past week about what's been going on between Isreal and Lebanon. But I'm very angered over the situation. So I kind of wanted to calm down first so I did'nt come across as a complete lunatic. But today I saw something that just blew me away,and I had to talk about it. France is actually backing the U.S. And standing behind Isreal! According to a few things I've read. French President Jacques Chirac had a close freind named Rafik al-Hariri who was a former Lebanese prime minister who was killed in a car bomb in 2005. That may have changed Chirac's feeling about Hezbollah. Now we are still not quite on the same page as France. France is only standing behind Isreal,because they feel Isreal will completely destroy Lebanon. So Chirac would like to see Hezbollah taken out,and a new government put in place. He feels Hezbollah has provoked Isreal,and they have the right to defend themselves. But remeber France had some problems with militant Islamists a while back,and A huge population in France is Muslim. So he doesn't want to ruffle any feathers here. So he's just saying that Hezbollah has continued to push the boundries with Isreal until they had no choice but to fight back.An easy way out for Chirac,but that's not much of a surprise. It would be nice if instead Chirac said he is joining the war on terror,and Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. But it's a good start in the right direction for France anyway. Hell if France keeps up this pace I'll go back to calling my freedom fries french fries again. A short rant this time,but to the point. Until next time I'm The Angry American.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thank you Mr and Mrs.Environmentalist

This is a story of environmentalism gone wrong. Here in Minnesota we have an area in the Northern part of the state called the Boundry Waters Canoe Area. It's an area known for it's tranquility,and beauty. It borders the Canadian/Minnesota border. It has the best fishing in the entire state,and gives people an opportunity to see wild animals that are not likely to be seen in other parts of the state. Moose,bear,bobcats,and a huge list of other common animals that can be seen in their natural habitat. There are no gas powered motors allowed in the BWCA. And you have to hike in from portages so no cars are allowed in the area either.A way to keep the water and air pure,and clean. And the water there truly is crystal clear. I would'nt even think twice about drinking water from there without boiling it. It is really that clean. Well in 1999 a windstorm blew down millions of trees. State officials wanted to have a logging company come in during the winter months when the water would be frozen,and take those fallen trees out of the area. When trees first fall there is no chance of fire because the wood is still wet,and hard to burn. But after it sits for a time the wood drys,and becomes easily burnable. That's just common sence. Everyone should know that. So it would have been a win/win situation for the state of Minnesota. The logging company would have had to pay the state to take the wood,and the fallen trees would not become a fire hazzard in the future. Well the environmentalist just about went nuts when the logging companys started giving bids to the state for the loggong rights. The logging companys were portrayed as evil,greedy big business who just wanted to slash and destroy the BWCA. And the environmentalists claimed the fallen trees would not become a fire hazzard....WHAT! Anyone who knows anything about wood knew they were wrong. And many of us said wait until we have a heatwave up there. Those trees will go up. Well last August due to a lighting strike a fire started and burned 1335 acres of woods with a fire fighting cost of $2.23 million dollars. Well this has been a dry hot past 30 days.and we now have another fire in the BWCA. So far it's only destroyed 30 acres of woods,and fire fighters have'nt been to worried about it spreading at a rapid rate due to the fact that now humidity has come up quite a bit and that should help slow the fire. However they are worried about the winds.Ranging anywhere from 15 to 30 miles an hour. That could kick it up at any time. Now the point is that if the environmentalist would have just shut their fat mouths and left it up to experts we would'nt be haveing these problems. I don't have a problem with environmentalists. As a matter of fact I think we need them. What we don't need are the ones who think they are smarter then professionals. They did'nt want these big logging trucks driving up there because it would have polluted the air with would have polluted the water when the vehicles would have driven across the frozen water. And it would have polluted air,and land with gas operted machinery to cut the trees. So what do you think would have hurt the land more. gas powered vehicles in the area for 3 to 6 months. Or 1400 acres destroyed by fire? Until next time I'm the Angry American!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

I thought a lot the past few days about what the 4th of July stands for. What it means to America in this day and age,and what it means to me. I think that for most of us we take Independence day for granted. It means that we in America are all equal,and free. When we are born we all are on the same level playing field. Now some might say that if your parents are wealthy you have a better chance of success then someone else. I say if your parents are wealthy you have a better chance of being wealthy,but that has nothing to do with success. There are many people who are given money because their parents are wealthy,and many of those people end up with nothing. And then there are many people who want the American Dream,and work,and scratch,and scrape to get it. And when their lives are over people look at them as an inspiration. Then there are others who are born with nothing,but natural ability. And that gives them the chance to make money as an athlete,actor,writer,etc.... Some use that chance to make the world a better place. Other to make there lives a better place,and those people usually also end up with nothing. This is still the greatest country on Earth.Sure we still have problems. But where else on Earth can you say you live in a country where every citizen is equal,and your government also wants to help other countries become a better place? If you look at all the other countries in the world the answer would be.....none. So no matter what you may hear in the media,and no matter what you may hear from those in this country who seem to hate everything. The American Dream is still alive,and well. And all of us who choose to are living it.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

More common sence,and the global warming scare

Well this is the second part to my post on the global warming scare. The first time I ever heard the term global warming was when I was in high school. It was the same time I ever heard the terms acid rain,and heard about the hole in the ozone layer. Now at the time no one cared much about global warming. It was really just more of a theory of what could happen when the planet becomes more populated. No the real scare was acid rain,and the hole in the ozone layer. which we were told were both caused by air polution. We were told that acid rain would become so powerfull that crops would be destroyed,and we would all starve to death. I'm not making this stuff up. This is what was taught about enviromental issues in the 80's.And it was only a short matter of time that if we did'nt do something we were all doomed. Guess never happened. The fish are still alive,and the crops don't have big holes eaten in them from the rain storm last weekend. But the biggest ecological shake up of the 80's was the hole in the ozone layer. So let's talk about how the hole happened. Or so I was taught it happened. O.K. people driving cars,aerosol spray cans,and big industrial plants all put pollution into the air. The polluted air then started to deplete the ozone layer. We were told that one day we would actually destroy the ozone layer,and all the suns ultraviolet light that could get threw the ozone layer,and it would fry the planet like an egg. Well one day I'm watching the news,and low and behold scientists had discovered that there was now a hole in the ozone layer. Not it's gonna happen,but it did happen. I listened to the story,and followed every bit of info I could find about it for years. Now let's move ahead to 1992. My roommate at the time was a college student,and we somehow got onto the subject of the hole in the ozone layer. So I tell him o.k. if there is a hole in the ozone layer why is it somewhere over the antarctic (which is where scientists claimed it was) where there is no population for thousands of miles. Why would'nt it be over someplace with heavy air pollution like. Los Angeles,Chicago,New York,etc..?So he thought about it for a while. And said it's probably because the jet streams carry the pollution to other parts of the world. So I said,o.k. If that's the case the why is the hole in the ozone layer stationary? The earth moves. The jet streams move. The clouds that carry the pollution move. But the hole in the ozone layer moves perfectly at the same speed as the Earth's rotation. So the hole will allways be perfectly over the same spot of the unpopulated antarctic? Come on it's just not believable. Then I said now think about this. The Ozone layer in invisible. So how can they tell if there is a hole in it? So he said well maybe they invented some type of equiptment that can see it. So scientists developed a piece of machinary that can now see things that are'nt visable? And then they discovered that there is a hole in something that can't be seen? Then he started to get mad because I had discredited science with common sence. He said well why would the scientists say it's true if it's not? I said why would'nt they? These people are making a living off of government grants. If the government gave me a check to research the existance of leprechauns for the next 5 years. You'd see something on the news about the "possible" existance of leprechauns.And then I'd giggle like hell when I get another check for another 10 years of research. Well about 5 years later I ran into that old roommate who was still in college,and he brought up our conversation about the hole in the ozone layer. I started laughing because he still was thinking about it 5 years later,and I told him yeah I remember. And he said well one of my college professors told me you're right. The hole in the ozone layer was all b*llsh*t. We actually studied it in class,and he said it was just a scare tactic to get people to start conserving energy,and fuel.(sound familar?) So if you want to belive that driving a car that runs off of french fry oil is somehow better for the inviroment then one that runs off gas. Or you wanna believe that the reason that the Earth is warming is because of car exhaust. (which by the way if that's the caes why don't we all turn on our air conditioners,and open all our doors,and windows.If we all did it we could reverse global warming) Or you want to believe that animal flatulence is warming the planet. Then send me five dollars for my leprechaun reseach. With your financial help we can once again return the leprechaun to it's natural habitat. Until next time. I'm the Angry American