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Thursday, June 29, 2006

First I told you so. Then on to Al Gore

In my last post I mentioned how the left would try to discredit the arrest of the Miami 7,and sure enough on Monday I read the article by Washington Post Columnist Richard Cohen. Here's a link to the article I do have the time to go into all the deatils of all the mistakes he made in his post,but not the patience. So I'll just make the most obvious. Here he writes " lack of explosives, weapons or vehicles." The 9-11 highjackers did'nt have weapons or explosives either jackass! But they killed thousands of people in one day with just one good plan. So quit being mad because the Government caught terrorists,and for once in your life actually be glad we caught someone before people died.Now on to someone who does'nt make me so mad I want to throw a cup of hot grease on him....Al Gore. He rarely makes me mad. Usually he makes me laugh. I've never seen someone so stupid who's just amazed with his own brilliance. This guy really does think he's a scientist. Now some scientist have agreed with his theory of how Global warming is affecting us all. While other's have said there is no proof of global warming caused by what we are doing. We live on a planet that is allways changing. Do I believe the temperature's are changing? Yes. Do I think we caused it?...NO! Now if you're a sandle wearing hippie you may ask yourself how can I say we have'nt caused it if I believe it's happening? Well Millions of years ago our planet went through a traumatic change. You may have heard about it. It was called the ice age. Is'nt it all to possible that we are now at the tail end of that global cooling cycle? Let's take a look at a place called Greenland. Greenland's surface is 81% covered in ice. How can a place called Greenland be covered in ice? Because when European settlers first went to Greenland it was covered in green rich farmland. And Greenland was very warm beacuse of what was called the Medieval warm period. (sound Familar) well somewhere around the 15th century contact with Europe was lost due to the fact that the settlers were whipped out by famine caused by the "little ice age" which is why Greenland is not a plush green farmland any longer. Now how can that be if it was'nt because of mankind? Well we have this strange force in the universe you may have heard of. It's called the sun. Now the sun is a giant ball of gas that is on fire. Sounds crazy I know,but this is the one thing that all scientists agree on is that the sun does in fact exist. Now beacuse the sun is a giant ball of gas sometimes it burns long,and steady,and sometimes it has huge flares which give off more heat. Then it goes back to burning at a steady pace again. Right now as we speakGreenland is again thawing due to a warming trend. But it could'nt be from the sun. No.Thank god Al Gore is on the case to tell us that it's because of cars,and cow flatulence. Now I don't know if Gore believes the cow flatulence theory,but lot's of eco-nuts do. Here's an article link for you to laugh along with. They wan't to breed cows who don't pass gas to cut down on methane gas. Let me say this,and tell me if it makes sence......o.k.....cow farts are killing the planet. If you said that 50 years ago they would lock you up,and throw away the key. Now they think you're brilliant! Now I've lived in Minnesota all my 36 years. And I've seen the fact that the past 15 years just have'nt been as cold as a normal Minnesota winter should be. I would say that the average temperature in the winter has changed as much as 5 degree. Why has'nt it changed at all in the summer. Actually so far this summer has been a bit cooler then normal I would say. But if global warming is actually taking place then that could'nt happen. If we are becoming a giant greenhouse like the theory says the summer months should be getting hotter. Heck the southern states closer to the equator Texas,Lousianna,Arizona...etc should by now all be wastelands.They should be having temperatures close to 120 consistantly. Only the cold places are warming,and only during the winter months. So is'nt it at all possible that our planet is either in a warming trend like it has happened other times in the history of the planet? Or our planet is finnaly becoming what it once was before the Ice age billions of years ago. Go study the history of the planet during the times of Dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs lived in tropical climates. They could not live through a winter. Yes tropical climates like.....North Dakota,South Dakota, Montana. Come this January call someone in Minot North Dakota,and ask them how tropical it is. But somehow billions of year ago Dinosaurs lived there. It's getting late so I'm gonna wrap this up,but I will be back with some more about this.And about the big 80's eco scares the hole in the ozone layer,and acid rain. (I guess we must have fixed those problems now) Until then I'm the Angry American.


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