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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stop the abuse at Guantanamo Bay! Unless the prisoners are doing it,then I guess it's o.k.

We've all read the stories or heard on the news about the abuse the poor prisoners have had to endure at Guantanamo Bay. It was all over the news for days when three prisoners hung themselves a few months ago,according to most news organizations it was because they just could'nt take the abuse anymore. It's also very hard on these enemy combatants to be away from their familys,and they need to be tried by a U.S. Court of law. For some reason we are suppose to try prisoners of war as U.S. citizens or else we are depriving them of their Constitutional rights....What! prisoners of war....Constitutional rights? They are right there is much abuse at Guantanamo Bay,but we aren't hearing about it in the media,according to reports released from the Freedom of Information act between December 2002 and July 2005 that's exactly two,and a half years there were more then 440 reported incidents of detainees attacking gaurds. Now look at those numbers...That means that at least once every other day a guard is attacked at Guantanamo Bay. Including when a detainee tried to gauge out the eye of a gaurd when he was unruly,and they tried to remove him from his cell,he reached under the gaurds face shield,and tried to dig his fingers into the gaurds eye socket. Or during the week leadin up to Christmas of 2004 when guards were frequently spit upon,and on Chritmas eve when an M.P. was stabbed in the hand as he took a detainees tray,the prisoner then vowed to kill the guard. The prisoners are all given things of comfort such as a sink in their cell,meal plates, plastic flip flops,hygene products,hair brushes,and electric fans to help keep them cool....Yes you read it right electric fans. Not to mention new Quran's and prayer rugs when they arrive so they can continue to worship their god . Allmost all of these items have been used as weapons against guards. One of the most serious situations happened when a prisoner attemped suicide while fellow inmates slicked the floor with human feces hoping to over power the guards when they slipped on the floor,they used the grates of the fans as shields, the blades as machetes,and the pole as a battering ram. Incredibly the guards,and prisoners had only minor injuries after the uprising was stopped. Guards now have to wear facial guards to block bodily fluid that is thrown at them on a regular basis. Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Mark D. Keen had this to say "Seeing a human being act that way, it's terrifying. And for the guards to continue to walk up and down the block, covered in urine and feces, it's just a bad thing," Yes it is! What do you think would happen to prisoners here in the United States if the treated guards this way? I'll tell you what would happen. They would be thrown into solitary confinment with no religous book or other extra perk,but we can't do that to enemy combatants...that would violate their cival rights. And what do you think would happen to an Ameican citizen if you got put into prison in sayMexico,China,Turkey, or about 20 other countries and they did these things...I can allmost gaurntee you'd never be heard from again,but we treat enemy combatants as if they are in jail for a minor traffic violation,and we allow Congress,and the courts to let them use us. So Amnesty International... SCREW YOU! It's our citizens being abused,not the other way around,and if we defend ourselves the media in this country paints us as the villan. So New York Times....SCREW YOU! And to all the bleeding heart liberals wanting to give war prisoners the rights we are promised as American citizens while our citizens are abused....SCREW YOU!! Until next time I'm the Angry American..."Sorry about the screw you rants at the end,but it's my blog so screw you."


Blogger The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

As far as I've read, the abuses are not being committed by our soldiers. I haven't really followed it much after the Turban Durbin fiasco. That should have ended his congressional career, right then.

I'd have to look it up, but there were only a handful of allegations, and when you read the details, it was utterly ridiculous. And out of how many thousands of interrogations? And only a tiny drop of accusations, most of which was plain silly.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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